Online Foundation Course On Social & Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) In English And Hindi

Institute Name:  New Concept Information Systems and UNICEF

Course Type:  Online Courses and Training

Apply By:  05 Sep . 2017

Online Foundation Course On Social & Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) In English And Hindi

In 2015, the statistics show that the Ministry of Home Affairs cancelled licenses of 8,975 non-profit organizations for lack of non-compliance with various provisions and regulations under FCRA. In addition to That MHA has made several amendments in The FCRA  2010. There are lots NGO/VOs are facing FCRA related issues and not properly aware about new amendments and its regulation too.

In 2017, in the Month of July 5922 FCRA Registered organization received show cause notice regarding cancellation.  

We have also observed that many FCRA Registered organization not able to channelized foreign fund due to scarcity of competent staff in organization.  

This workshop is designed to sensitize the registered and active organization on various provisions pertaining to the compliance of the FCRA-2010 Act and Its related Amendments and Notification. In addition we will also provide certain detail on foreign funding opportunities.

Key Discussion:

  • How to get FCRA registration, usual impediments and how to overcome them.
  • Government policy related to foreign donations and what NGOs need to understand about the same.
  • What are the regulations and restrictions that apply to the funds for Registered Organizations?
  • Why is Maintenance of Accounts important and how to go about it?
  • How to go about Audit of Accounts if you have registered under FCRA.
  • How to plan for and handle inspection by intelligence Bureau.
  • Consequences of violating foreign donations law: Search and Seizure, Offences and Penalties.
  • What to do if you receive a notice for violation or show cause notice.
  • What legal/judicial options are available to organizations in case of arbitrary cancellation of FCRA license?
  • Various Foreign Funding Opportunity and Introduction Foreign Funding Agency.

Who Can Participate?

The workshop will be useful for all associations/NGOs/Educational Institutes willing to registered under FCRA or FCRA Registered Organization.

Training Benefits

  • Participants will get detail about understanding the procedures and compliances needed to get registration under the Act. 
  • Participants will get practical tips to raise foreign fund. 
  • Participants will get practical aspect of The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010, FCRR-2011.
  • Participants will get knowledge about procedure after cancelation.
  • Participants will get detail about the FCRA Registration and Prior Permission.
  • Participants will get informative detail about foreign funding utilization rules and regulations.  
  • Participants have privileged to get free telephonic advisory in FCRA Matter any time.
  • Participants will aware about proper funding utilization accordance with stipulated laws.

 Institute Name:  New Concept Information Systems and UNICEF

Course Type:  Online

Developed by New Concept with technical support from UNICEF

New Concept Information Systems with technical support from UNICEF, has launched an e-Training Foundation course on Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC). The Foundation Course caters to the needs of flagship public program managers, communication officers, NGO partners, students, researchers, educators, CSR professionals, public and private health sector professionals and IAS aspirants among others.

The course is based on the TARANG SBCC training package, conceptualised and guided by a core team from UNICEF, ICO along with communication experts. The TARANG e-Training Hub will provide post-training support and mentoring to those who successfully complete the course, thus assuring a learning continuum.

Introduction to the course

It has been proved that appropriate communication interventions are helpful in bringing desired improvement in access and uptake of public health services. Thus, it is essential for managers to understand the science and theory of communication for the design and implementation of communication programmes. It not only helps in understanding different dimensions of effective services but also helps in demand generation and increasing participation of stakeholders.

This short course aims at increasing basic understanding of Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC).

Content Plan

Week 1: Theories Of Development Communication With Linkage Of Development Theories With Socio Ecological Model

Week 2: Changing Paradigms In Development Communication

Week 3: Socio-Ecological Model

Week 4: Behaviour Change Communication

Week 5: Qualities Of A Communicator

Duration: 5 Weeks (Recommended)

(However, it is currently open and not time bound, and can be completed in one or more sittings)

Cost: English Course - INR 1500 (upto 30 July 2017).

Hindi Course - INR 1000 (Introductory offer up to 30July 2017).

Mode of Payment: Debit Card/ Credit Card/ PayTM/ Net Banking

How to Enroll:  You need to REGISTER with us to enroll for this certification course.

Be part of the SBCC lineup

Contact: Surkhraj Kaur


Mobile/WhatsApp: +91 98 73 374 017


Phone: +91 11 64 784 322

The course is available in English at the moment. The Hindi course will be launched on the 27thof June 2017. You can pre-register here and enroll for the Hindi course once it is launched.

सामाजिक और व्यवहार परिवर्तन संचार (एस.बी.सी.सी.) पर ऑनलाइन फाउंडेषन कोर्स

कोर्स योजना

सप्ताह 1 सामाजिक पारिस्थितिक माॅडल के साथ विकास सिद्धांतों के संबंध में विकास संचार का सिद्धांत

सप्ताह 2 विकास संचार में परिवर्तनों को बदलना

सप्ताह 3 सामाजिक पारिस्थितिक माॅडल

सप्ताह 4 व्यवहार परिवर्तन संचार

सप्ताह 5 संप्रेषक के गुण

कोर्स की अवधिः 5 सप्ताह

(हालांकि, यह इस समय खुला हैऔर समयबद्ध नहीं है।आप इस कोर्स मेंअपना नामांकन करके एक या अधिक बार में भी पूरा कर सकते हैं।)

कोर्स की फीसः प्रारंभिक ऑफर 1000 रूपये (30 जुलाई 2017 तक)

भुगतान की विधिः डेबिटकार्ड/क्रेडिटकार्ड/पेटीएम/नेटबैंकिंग

नामांकन कैसे करेंः इस सर्टिफिकेषन कोर्स के नामांकन के लिए आपको हमारे साथ पंजीकृत करने की आवष्यकता है।

इसएस.बी.सी.सी. कोर्सकाहिस्साबनें।

संपर्ककरेंःसुर्खराज कौर


मोबाइल नम्बर/व्हाट्सएपः+91 98 73 374 017


फोन नम्बरः+91 11 64 784 322


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