Call for Papers - for NGOs, Academic Institutions and Registered Community Based Organisations Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning (SCE) Programme

Apply By:  08 Apr. 2019

Location:  India

Organization:  UN Women

Presentation Date:  01 May. 2019 - 01 May. 2019

Call for Papers - for NGOs, Academic Institutions and Registered Community Based Organisations Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning (SCE) Programme
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Theme: Education, Skills Development

Title: Call for Papers - for NGOs, Academic Institutions and Registered Community Based Organisations Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning (SCE) Programme

Deadline: 8th April 2019


UNWOMEN invites qualified parties to submit Technical and Financial Proposals to provide services associated with the UN WOMEN requirement for Responsible Party (Non-Governmental Organization, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Academic Organizations).

A description of the services required is described in CFP Section 4 -Terms of Reference.

UNWOMEN may, at its discretion, cancel the services in part or in whole.

Proponents may withdraw the proposal after submission, provided that written notice of withdrawal is received by UN WOMEN prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of proposals. No proposal may be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission of proposal. No proposal may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of proposals and the expiration of the period of proposal validity.

Cost of proposal

The cost of preparing a proposal, attendance at any pre-proposal conference, meetings or oral presentations shall be borne by the proponents, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the CFP process. Proposals must offer the services for the total requirement; proposals offering only part of the services will be rejected.


Proponents must meet all mandatory requirements/pre-qualification criteria as set out in Annex B2-2. Proponents will receive a pass/fail rating on this section. To be considered, proponents must meet all the mandatory criteria described in Annex B2-2. UN WOMEN reserves the right to verify any information contained in proponent’s response or to request additional information after the proposal is received. Incomplete or inadequate responses, lack of response or misrepresentation in responding to any questions will result in disqualification.

  • Priority will be given to:Joint submission by more than one organization
  • Proposals that can document co financing or in-kind contribution to support implementation of the Programme
  • Proposals that have all documents and licenses available

Clarification of CFP documents

A prospective proponent requiring any clarification of the CFP documents may notify UNWOMEN in writing at UNWOMEN email address indicated in the CFP by the specified date and time. UNWOMEN will respond in writing to any request for clarification of the CFP documents that it receives by the due date outlined on section 2. Written copies of UNWOMEN response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry) will be posted using the same method as the original posting of this (CFP) document.

Language of proposal

The proposal prepared by the proponent and all correspondence and documents relating to the proposal exchanged between the proponent and UNWOMEN, shall be written in English. Supporting documents and printed literature furnished by the proponent may be in another language provided they are accompanied by an appropriate translation of all relevant passages in English. In any such case, for interpretation of the proposal, the translation shall prevail. The sole responsibility for translation and the accuracy thereof shall rest with the proponent.

Submission of proposal

Technical and financial proposals should be submitted simultaneously but in separate emails or separate email attachments with the CFP reference and the clear description of the proposal (technical or financial) by the date and time stipulated in this document. If the emails and email attachments are not marked as instructed, UNWOMEN will assume no responsibility for the misplacement or premature opening of the proposals submitted. Both email text bodies should indicate the name and address of the proponent and the description of the proposal (technical or financial). The technical email should not contain any pricing information, not should the financial email contain any component of the technical proposal.

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