7th Asian YOUTH Leaders Travel and Learning camp

Organisation:  Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp

Event Duration:  22 Feb . 2018--22 Feb . 2018

Last Date To Apply:  Not Available

7th Asian YOUTH Leaders Travel and Learning camp

7th Asian YOUTH Leaders Travel and Learning camp

We would like to extend our warmest welcome and invite you to be part of this annual gathering of student leaders around the world. It is our privilege to be hosting the Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp (AYLTLC) 2018 for the 7th time here in Singapore.

AYLTLC aims to bring student leaders worldwide, through engaging activities, to enhance their abilities in cross-cultural interaction and cooperation, which will further equip them to be effective leaders. In addition, participants will be able to understand more about Singapore - a multiracial, multilingual and multicultural society from various perspectives. Nevertheless, what they will learn here may not only be unique to Singapore, but also applicable to their home countries as well as the increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

We always remind ourselves that we are hosting a camp with the brightest student talents who are indeed the leaders of tomorrow.


The following are eligible to be a AYLTLC participant:

Students aged 16-26(at least 16 but not older than 26 of age at the time of AYLTLC 2018) from schools, colleges and universities around the world. Students who are healthy, curious, aspirant and outgoing. Students who love travelling and learning.

Applicants should also have the following skills and experience:

  • Be fluent in English speaking and writing.
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively and express themselves clearly.
  • Be comfortable in working in a cooperative manner.

If you are a Staff/Teacher/Lecturer/Professor from your institution, you may wish to apply AYLTLC 2018 as advisor.

There are two ways for you to register:

1. You can register online through the online application system. The online application system will be activated after clicking the "Online Application" Button. (Only for participants to register)

2. You can find the application form at the Download page. Please submit your application form to register@ayltlc.com  after completing it. (For both participants and advisors)

Please make sure to submit your form and pay the registration fee before the deadline.

For more information please check the Link


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