FailKaun 2018- A Conference Of Failures.

Organisation:  India Fellow

Event Duration:  18 Mar . 2018--18 Mar . 2018

Last Date To Apply:  Not Available

FailKaun 2018- A Conference Of Failures.

About the conference:

The Conference of Failures emerged from a single thought. That much is spoken and discussed about success, but never failure. We fail all the time. It is an essential part of growing up, learning and finding our way in the world. But when we talk about what we have been doing, it is usually the successes that we are looking at, never the process, the iterations and the failures that brought us to that point. We never discuss the failures that make us who we are. As India Fellow moves forward in in its journey year on year, as we work with different organizations across the country and see the work being done on the grassroots, we know the effort, the iterations, the perseverance and the failure that goes into the running of many things in the development sector. Fellows on field encounter failure. Our NGOs see failure. Our mentors and trainers talk about failures that they’ve had, and what they have learnt from them. We realized that a platform that creates a safe environment to discuss failure needs to exist, and with time there will be many people comfortable talking about the failed experiments, the half created ventures, the stopped initiatives and the many other things that didn’t run. We see this conference as a platform that acknowledges, discusses and shares failures, year on year. Given below is a detailed schedule of the conference day

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