Applications Open for the Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme!

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Applications Open for the Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme!

Applications are now open for The Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme (ISJRP). The current ISJRP call for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) is financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Re-search and Innovation (SERI) in Switzerland and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in India on the principles of reciprocity, parity and activity-matching funding.

The Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme (ISJRP) was initiated by the Indian and Swiss govern-ments in 2005 in order to further advance the bilateral cooperation in scientific and technological areas of strategic relevance to both countries. The programme supports cutting-edge research that brings together faculty and young researchers from Switzerland and India.

Thematic Area:

In order to make targeted use of the financial resources available, the following thematic area was chosen for this call:

Blue sky research/basic research in the life sciences which is either biotechnology-related or biotechnology-inspired; biotechnology as key enabling technology including (but not restricted to) the following sectors: agriculture, environment, energy, materials sciences, health, medicine, industry (industrial biotechnology).

Blue sky research implies a freedom to carry out flexible, curiosity-driven research that leads to outcomes not envisaged at the outset. Proposals outside of the thematic area defined above will not be accepted.

Funding Information and Duration

JRP proposals contain two separate budgets: one budget in INR for the Indian applicant(s) (paid by the DBT according to the DBT’s rules) and one budget in CHF for the Swiss part (paid by the SNSF according to the SNSF’s rules).

The total budget available in Switzerland is CHF 4.2 million.

The total budget available in India is INR 27.15 crores (or a budget matching with the Swissside).

The available budget will allow for funding of up to 12 projects. The funding per project is sufficient for each side to support salaries (PhD students, postdocs, other staff) as well as consumables, some minor equipment and mobility costs related to the project.

The duration of the JRPs is 48 months.


Each proposal for a JRP must have at least one main applicant based in Switzerland and one main applicant based in India; they are the principal investigators on the Swiss and Indian side respectively. They bear the main responsibility for the project, including its technical and administrative coordination as well as the timely delivery of scientific and financial reports. Further applicants based in Switzerland and/or in India can also participate in the consortia.

Eligibility criteria in Switzerland

Applicants requesting funding must meet the eligibility requirements of the SNSF. The SNSF Funding Regulations and the Regulations on Project Funding are applicable or applicable mutatis mutandis where not stated otherwise. Each applicant/further applicant may only apply for one project. Project partners as described in Article 11.2 of the SNSF Funding Regulations are not entitled to receive funds from the SNSF if their affiliated institution is located in India. During the running time of the JRP, grantees may receive grants from all SNSF funding schemes.

Eligibility criteria in India

Applicants should be researchers from public and private universities, colleges, institutes, nonprofit organizations (recognized by DSIR as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization). Each applicant/further applicant may only apply for one project.

How to Apply

Proposals are to be prepared jointly by the Swiss and Indian applicants. They must be submitted by the Swiss main applicant to the SNSF via its electronic submission system mySNF ( Indian applicants can be given access to the electronic submission system through their Swiss partner. A copy of the application jointly submitted via my SNF should also be submitted to DBT.

Eligible Countries: India, Switzerland

For further information, please visit: Department of Biotechnology.


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