Grants Champion - Providing Funding under Various Categories

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Grants Champion - Providing Funding under Various Categories

About Novartis

Novartis was created in 1996 through a merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Novartis and its predecessor companies trace roots back more than 250 years, with a rich history of developing innovative products. From beginnings in the production of synthetic fabric dyes, the companies that eventually became Novartis branched out into producing chemicals and ultimately pharmaceuticals.

About the Grants

Novartis can provide reasonable financial support for the general purposes of supporting healthcare initiatives like improving medical infrastructure, independent medical activities, support for healthcare professional societies, health and medical policy research and patient group activities.

If you are interested in obtaining financial support from Novartis, please download and complete the Application for Grant template and Novartis Request for Financial Support Application Form.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals India provides grants to healthcare organizations in line with local laws and codes. A key principle of Novartis’ grant policy is that Novartis does not support requests, which benefit individuals, including requests for personal ongoing education and requests for travel grants to attend an educational meeting.

The information below provides further details on what we can support and how you can apply.

What we can support

To be approved, grants must be:

  • Provided to reputable healthcare-related institutions/ associations/ organizations for the general purpose of supporting healthcare. Funding cannot go to, or through, an individual healthcare professional.
  • Provided without agreement or intent to receive a tangible benefit, for commercial or promotional purposes
  • Clearly aligned to the Areas of Interest defined – see  Areas of Interest below
  • Grants cannot fund expenses already incurred by the recipient
  • Grants cannot be used to discharge the requestor’s ordinary operating expenses i.e. general staffing positions


For all forms of grants requests, provision is subject to: (i) available capacity; (ii) the request meeting the criteria for the available support; and (iii) provision being permitted within applicable laws, guidelines and codes.

Unfortunately, Novartis is unable to meet all of the requests it receives. We will prioritize those requests, which are aligned to our therapy areas and focus on supporting both scientific and charitable organizations, which directly support patients, improve healthcare and enable ongoing education.

Areas of Interest

Novartis provides grants within the following categories;

Educational Grant

Contributions to healthcare or healthcare-related institutions or organizations to support independent educational activities/events and educational material, which includes books, journal subscriptions, print material, digital websites and related apps.

Patient Associations

Contribution to a patient organization that focuses on services to patients, caregivers, and the health and well-being of the public.

Professional Society

Contribution to a professional healthcare or healthcare related organization,   associations whose members consist primarily of HCPs.

Health Policy & Research Grant

Financial support for healthcare or healthcare-related organizations that educate policy makers, conduct health policy research, perform legislative and/or regulatory advocacy, or supports medical research.

When applying for a grant please ensure you state the category of the grant you are seeking.

Infrastructure Grant

Contributions to healthcare or healthcare related institutions, which are in need of improving their medical infrastructure. Funding or equipment must provide a direct patient care benefit;

How to apply

Requests should be submitted a minimum of three months prior to the activity or event. Each request will be evaluated on its merits and the value it brings to patient care and improve healthcare, advance medical or scientific knowledge, and support the community.

Please note that it is important to fill out all the sections on the form with the information required as failure to do so could result in either a rejection or a request for additional information, which will delay your application.

If you have any supporting documentation you consider relevant to the application you can attach this to your email. All requests are reviewed by a Grants approval body and processed as per internal systems. Grants can only be paid to reputable organizations and checks on organizations to confirm this will be made.

A grant can only be considered if an external, independent request has been submitted. To help facilitate the process, applicants need to ensure their request letter complies with the guidance provided above, then complete and attach the request letter and provide documentation to support their request.

Approval of grants can take up to three months depending on the nature and amount requested, and supporting documentation. Applications can be submitted via email to  or addressed to

Grant Champion

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Inspire BKC 'G' Block

6 & 7 Floor, BKC Main Road,

Bandra (E), Mumbai- 400051

Submission Process:

In addition, grants can be submitted to any Novartis associate.

For more information please check the Link


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