My Child Matters Grant Award to fight childhood cancer

Organisation:  Sanofi Espoir Foundation

Apply By:  17 Dec . 2018

My Child Matters Grant Award to fight childhood cancer

About the organisation:

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation was created in October 2010 to consolidate more than 20 years of commitment to national and international solidarity. Its mission is to contribute to reducing health inequalities among populations that need it most by applying a socially responsible approach.

If you are a health care professional specialized in pediatric oncology, with a project aiming at giving all children with cancer, wherever they live in the world, the same opportunity to get well again, this is your chance!

My Child Matters programme was initiated by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation in December 2005 in order to fight childhood cancer and reduce health inequalities worldwide. Collaborations with engaged partners in low- and middle-income countries and international stakeholders constitute the strength of My Child Matters.

Since the beginning, this programme has supported 58 pediatric oncology projects in 42 developing countries worldwide (Africa, Asia and Latin America). To date, more than 85 000 children benefited from My Child Matters and 25 000 health care professionals were trained.

Beyond funding, My Child Matters also provides full support by mentoring, training sessions and sharing best practices. Scientific communications are also encouraged.

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is pleased to announce the call for new 3-Year project proposals for My Child Matters Grant Awards 2019-2021.

Main Selection Criteria

To be considered eligible for support by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation, your project must align with

 MCM’s mission.

  • Your project aims at reducing inequalities in childhood cancer care and outcomes for children residing in LMICs.
  • Your project aims at building local capabilities for childhood cancer care and improves local health care standards by addressing one or more of the following broad categories:
  1. Creating or supporting use of paediatric cancer registries
  2. Raising awareness of childhood cancer and cancer prevention
  3. Improving early diagnosis and access to care
  4. Educating / training health care professionals
  5. Making improvements to health care infrastructure, with an emphasis on improvement that will have an impact on childhood cancer treatment outcomes
  6. Providing psychosocial support
  7. Providing a universally acceptable standard of care for curative treatment, pain control and palliative care
  8. Reducing treatment abandon mentrates
  • Your project proposal should address local or regional needs and fall within the context of ground realities in your region. It should aim to influence abroad patient population, rather than focusing on the needs of a few, and should rely on locally available and appropriately trained team members to build and carry out each objective.
  • The organization receiving the funding must be an existing institution, NGO or non-profit. . Not necessarily directly involved in the project. A due diligence will be made. No funds will be transferred to hospitals, private clinics or individuals.
  • Your project must have other sources of funding. A minimum of 10% co-funding is compulsory for MCM supported projects.


The deadline for submission of the concept note is December 17th, 2018 to validate your project eligibility according to the Foundation’s criteria. To apply, download the document and send it to

If shortlisted, you will be required to submit a grant project proposal before February 11th, 2019. Final decision will be completed on March 29th, 2019.

All documents to be filled in are available on: Act with the Foundation

Be aware that the entire process is in English only, as is the management of the programme.

We look forward to receiving your concept note and highly encourage you to disseminate this information among your colleagues and friends.


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