RFP for Grand Challenges India Funding Opportunity On ki’ Data Challenge for Maternal and Child Health

Organisation:  BIRAC, Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI , Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Apply By:  17 Aug . 2018

RFP for Grand Challenges India Funding Opportunity On ki’ Data Challenge for Maternal and Child Health

GCI call on “ki data Challenge for Maternal and Child health” Data Science Approaches to Improve Maternal and Child Health in India

The ‘knowledge integration (ki) data challenge for Maternal and Child health’, is a call for proposals directed at addressing challenges that we face in improving health of mother and child in comparable geographies. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is specific to Indian researchers.


This new challenge, focused on data science approaches, is the 6th call under Grand Challenges India, a flagship program of a joint collaboration of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This unique call diversifies the scope of data analytics which can be explored to improve the lives of mother and child and is consequent to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development Knowledge Integration (HBGDki) initiative, India. HBGDki-India seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the risk factors contributing to poor maternal and child health outcomes with a focus on reducing the global burden associated with three complex and interrelated outcomes: Preterm birth, physical growth faltering and impaired neurocognitive development.

 The purpose of the ki data challenge call is to have innovative data analytics solutions, results from which shall be used to inform policy decisions related to maternal and child health as well as design subsequent related challenges.

The Challenge

There remain key knowledge gaps in our understanding of how nutrition, prenatal and antenatal care, maternal support, and environmental and social factors contribute to an elevated risk of poor maternal and childhood health outcomes. Such an understanding is required to determine what interventions, including health policies, should be delivered to which group of individuals at what point in their lifecycle to ensure optimal outcomes.

The Opportunity

Developing and validating approaches to foster maternal and child health is difficult due to the challenging interaction of biological, environmental, and social factors. Furthermore, policy recommendations for such approaches frequently lack sufficient supporting scientific evidence, while clinical trials are expensive, time-consuming, and increasingly difficult to implement. There is now a key opportunity to accelerate research in this area by analyzing existing data arising from multiple sources in India and formulating public health recommendations that are data-driven and cost-effective.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to promote new and novel approaches to analyzing existing Indian public health data and evidence in form of clinical research data, surveys and other related data sources from India to produce novel insights which can be used to improve maternal and child health in Indian context as well as around the world. Successful applicants to this call can assume that subsequent to proposal selection and with the appropriate agreements, they will not only receive funding, but will be able to access a  GCI call on “ki data challenge for maternal and Child health”

Challenge Is Looking For

We seek proposals designed to answer critical scientific questions related to maternal and child health and development outcomes, using innovative data analytics and modelling approaches applied to HBGDki India or to other relevant data sets that applicants can access. These proposals should be based on existing primary data in India and yield actionable results with a potential to significantly impact public health policy.

RFP gives highest priority to proposals that:

1) Support innovative collaborations between Indian clinical research scientists, healthcare experts, and data scientists/data modellers;

2) Answer critical scientific questions identified in this Grand Challenges India call, while building and strengthening data science capacity for India;

3) Take into account social, environmental and cultural determinants of outcomes and incorporates an understanding of the target community that includes barriers and constraints to delivery of interventions and to implementation of government programs;

4) Explain how answers will have the highest likelihood of being relevant for implementation broadly in the public health system.

5) Describe mechanistic models for establishing the relationship between interventions and their related outcomes

The closing date for the applications is 17th August 2018. The online portal will close at 2.00 PM, IST and no applications will be entertained after this time.

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