Expression of Interest (EOI) for hiring an Agency/Consultant to prepare a detailed communication plan for Muktipath Program

Organisation:  Muktipath, SEARCH

Apply By:  16 Sep . 2017

Expression of Interest (EOI) for hiring an Agency/Consultant to prepare a detailed communication plan for Muktipath Program

Expression of Interest (EOI) for hiring an Agency/Consultant to prepare a detailed communication plan for Muktipath Program

Organization: SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health), Gadchiroli

Program: Muktipath

Estimated Budget: Rs 5 Lakhs (Max) 

Apply By: 16 September 2017


SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health) is a non-government organization founded in 1985 by Dr Abhay Bang and Dr Rani Bang. Registered as a public trust and charitable society in India (Reg. No: MH 35-85-GAD, F-224-GAD).

Inspired by the life and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Abhay Bang and Dr Rani Bang are trained physician and a gynaecologist respectively. After studying at the Johns Hopkins University USA, for their Master in Public Health, they returned to India. Their dream was to develop an institution of community health, which provided health care to the local population and generated knowledge for the global community by way of research.



A district-wide tobacco and alcohol control program, called ‘Muktipath’ is being implemented across Gadchiroli district. Gadchiroli is an underdeveloped ‘border’ district in the Indian state of Maharashtra, with 80% of its geographical area under forests and tribal population constitutes about 40% of its total population. The Government of Maharashtra has banned some oral tobacco products including gutkha and scented tobacco in the state, while alcohol is banned in Gadchiroli district and its neighbouring Chandrapur district. In spite of the ban, people in the district consume alcohol and tobacco on a large-scale. Recent studies by SEARCH show 50% of the population consumes tobacco (mostly smokeless) and 41% of the males consume alcohol. The total annual out-of-pocket expenditure on these two substances in this poor district (1.2 million populations) is Rs. 3.5 billion.

‘Muktipath’ a joint initiative of SEARCH, Tata Trusts and the Government of Maharashtra, is a multi-pronged programme, aimed at improving awareness about tobacco, alcohol and their ill effects, creating a social environment that would eventually reduce the consumption of these, and rehabilitating addicts. Enforcing the ban through government action, mobilizing the community through village level committees, and research to generate evidence for replication and advocacy are key components of the intervention. The campaign rests strongly on participation from the government and community.



To create awareness and an environment against alcohol & tobacco through the ‘Alcohol and Tobacco-Free Gadchiroli district program.

Objectives:(within three years project duration)

1) To reduce the alcohol and tobacco sale points by the year

2) Prevalence and frequency of the use of alcohol & tobacco will be reduced by 50%

3) To reduce people’s expenditure on these substances by 30% thereby saving Rs.100 Crores every year.

4) To improve health, women’s safety and road safety. 

5) To establish a permanent administrative and public support system for this cause.


The scope of the Program, Beneficiaries and Special Target Groups:

This program has been conducted in all 1,500 villages and the towns in the Gadchiroli district Women, men, youth, and children would benefit from the program.


Special Target groups for the program are -

A)For prevention from addiction – Students in schools and colleges, youth, women and men.

B)For addicts – Alcohol addict males, females, youth, heavy drinkers, abusers, patients suffering due to ill-effects of tobacco consumption, patients with other diseases(such as high BP, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, liver disease, pre-cancer oral lesions) who are at the increased risk due to alcohol or tobacco consumption and the pregnant women and past partum mothers.

C)For the implementation of law – Alcohol & tobacco suppliers and sellers, viz., pan shops, grocery shops, wholesale suppliers of tobacco and kharra, illegal alcohol sellers and the suppliers at district borders and highways. 

D)For creating an ideal environment, role models and effective implementation – Government officers and staff, peoples elected representatives, teachers, social workers, doctors, media, government offices, schools, colleges, gram panchayats etc.


Expected Outcomes of Communication Campaign:

  • The community should understand the objectives of Muktipath and ill effects of alcohol &tobacco.
  • The community should accept that "We can change" or "It can be change".
  • The community should know or identify the process of change.
  • Community should know or Identify the possible ways, resources and methods to bring the change

  • Scope of Work:

    The requested services of the Agency/Consultant will comprise but not be limited to the following main tasks:

    • Prepare a comprehensive communication and visibility plan for objectives Muktipath program.
    • The communication plan should be a mix of various communication tools for effective campaigns targeting different target audience (groups).
    • Also develop media and social media strategies, as part of the communication plan.
    • Develop a monthly plan for communication activities, monitor its progress by setting quarterly/yearly measurable targets, and provide support & guidance to ensure that the goals set forth are achieved.
    • Respective strategies should be supported by time-line, outcome and tentative budget.
    • Support Muktipath in tendering process related to the implementation of the communication plan.


    1. Communication strategy and plan
    2. Detail communication tools & key messages
    3. Training workshops Muktipath Team to execute the plan
    4. Monitoring Indicators & information system to review the progress
    5. Review after 6 months work

    Who Can Apply:

    The Muktipath (SEARCH) hereby invites interested candidates to show their interest in delivering the services described above. Interested Consultant/Agency should submit their expression of interest if they fulfil all the criteria prescribed below:

    1. Consultant/Agency should be well-known with the experience of working in rural areas (preferably rural parts of Maharashtra) and understand the local language (in this case Marathi and Hindi preferably).
    2. Consultant/Agency should have 3 to 5 years of experience in the field of communication, media research and media planning.
    3. Consultant/Agency should be professionally qualified or have qualified employees to prepare the communication plan. It should also have facilities, resources, personnel and experience to undertake the management and coordination of such a project.
    4. Consultant/Agency should not be banned or black listed by any Government, Semi-Government, Local Government, International NGO or Funding agency on the date of submission of EoI.
    5. Consultant/Agency should not be involved in any legal dispute with Govt. on the date of submission of EoI. Also, it should not be imposed with any punishment by any Govt. or judicial body under the criminal procedure.


    Documents Required:

    Interested Consultant/Agency must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to provide the services as stated above. Following are the documents required for the submission of EoI.

    1. Organization profile or work profile (it should include nature of services provide, area of expertise, annual report or list of past client or show reel, location and website link)
    2. Recent CV of consultant/s or complete details of staff with their roles and duties along with their CV.
    3. Work Reference (details of last three clients, such as the name of the organisation, name & designation of contact persons mobile/telephone number and email id, along with nature of service provided, time line of the project and current status of the project).
    4. A sample of communication plan made in the past by your organization for any Client

    The application should be submitted (as hardcopy as well as softcopy) with the required documents to a below-mentioned address in a closed envelope/cover clearly super scribed as “Expression of Interest for development of communication plan at Muktipath”.

    Address:  Muktipath District Office : Near Indira Chowk, Armori Road, Gadchiroli  - 442605

    Tel: 07132 - 232720

    Mob: 9423106071

    E mail id:


    All the application (hardcopy as well as softcopy) should reach the above-stated address by 16th September 2017, any application reaching after 16th September will not be considered for selection.


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