Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Invites RFP for Mobile Toilet Van Csr Mrs

Organisation:  Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Apply By:  22 Oct . 2018

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Invites RFP for Mobile Toilet Van Csr Mrs

Name of the Organisation: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

RFP Title: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Invites RFP for Mobile Toilet Van Csr Mrs

Deadline: 22nd Oct. 2018


In this contract unless otherwise specifically provided or defined and unless a contrary intention appears from the contract the following words and expressions are used in the following meanings;

The term "Agreement" wherever appearing in this document shall be read as "Contract".

The "Authority" for the purpose of this Contract shall be the Chairman and Managing Director or any other person so appointed or authorised.

The "Chairman and Managing Director" shall mean the Chairman and Managing Director of HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED or any person so appointed, nominated or designated and holding the office of Chairman & Managing Director.

The "Change Order" means an order given in writing by the Engineer-in-Charge or by Owner to effect additions to or deletion from or alterations into the Work.

The "Construction Equipment" means all appliances and equipment of whatsoever nature for the use in or for the execution, completion, operation or maintenance of the work except those intended to form part of the Permanent Work.

Submission of Tender:

Before submitting the Tender, the Tenderer shall at their own cost and expenses visit the site, examine and satisfy as to the nature of the existing roads, means of communications, the character of the soil, state of land and of the excavations, the correct dimensions of the work facilities for procuring various construction and other material and their availability, and shall obtain information on all matters and conditions as they may feel necessary for the execution of the works as intended by the Owners and shall also satisfy of the availability of suitable water for construction of civil works and for drinking purpose and power required for fabrication work etc. Tenderer, whose tender may be accepted and with whom the Contract is entered into shall not be eligible and be able to make any claim on any of the said counts in what so ever manner for what so ever reasons at any point of time and such a claim shall not be raised as a dispute and shall not be arbitrable. A pre-bid meeting may be held as per the schedule mentioned in the tender.

Execution Of Work

All the works shall be executed in strict conformity with the provisions of the contract documents and with such explanatory details, drawings, specifications and instructions as may be furnished from time to time to the Contractor by the Engineer-in-Charge/ Sitein- Charge, whether mentioned in the Contract or not. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that works throughout are executed in the most proper and workmanlike manner with the quality of material and workmanship in strict accordance with the specifications and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-Charge/Site-inCharge. The completion of work may entail working in monsoon also.

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