RFP – Baseline study of the leprosy colonies in India to understand their socio-economic and cultural status

Organisation:  Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation

Apply By:  18 Jan . 2019

RFP – Baseline study of the leprosy colonies in India to understand their socio-economic and cultural status


Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation is a development organization committed to transform lives of the persons affected by leprosy and their families through livelihoods, education and awareness & advocacy programs in self settled leprosy colonies in India. It is working in close partnership with Association of People affected by Leprosy, India (APAL), Nippon Foundation, Japan and other mentor NGOs in 18 states of India. Currently, it is looking for a Research Organisation/Consulting Firm/NGO who are having experience in conducting a large scale baseline study in India.

India accounts for more than 60% of new cases of leprosy reported globally every year (214,783).Facing acute social stigma,leprosy affected persons are often forced to live in segregated and isolated ghettos in semi-urban and rural areas. There are approximately 800 colonies scattered across India. While some colonies are set up by the government or by missionaries, most of them are settlements that came up spontaneously on public land. There is lack of information about their habitation, demography and socio-economic&cultural profiling in India which impedes rehabilitation and other development initiatives for them to lead a dignified life.

The purpose of conducting a baseline study of the colonies in 18 states of India is to obtain socio-economic data on household that will be used to evaluate the needs and aspirations of the colony and their residents. This will help in planning and designing of strategic program interventions for better outcomes and impact of the development initiatives.

Baseline study objectives:

The study focuses on issues of leprosy affected persons and their families at the ground level by examining the factors that impact their lives, especially livelihood, education, health, social stigma and discrimination.

Specific objectives of the study are:

  • Develop a broad profile of the identified self- settled colonies in India
  • Assess the current level of demographic, educational, economic and health status of the people living in the colonies
  • Assess the current levels of access to govt. schemes and civic amenities by the colony residents
  • Assess the barriers that affect the development of the communities in the state/region
  • Suggest possible interventions in terms of technical, institutional and financial to ensure proper development of the communities.

Scope of work:

Baseline survey will capture demographic, socio-economic, educational and health status of approximately 750 leprosy colonies located in 18 states (Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and West Bengal). The colony size varies from 25 households to 200 households across India.

The contracted agency/institution will be responsible for the following major tasks:

  1. baseline study design,
  2. finalization of methodology,
  3. data collection and tabulation
  4. analytical report

The agency will undertake survey in the colony through census method by covering the entire household of the colony for demographic and socio -economic data profiling. The Agency will cover the agreed upon number of colonies and households for quantitative survey.

The agency/Institution has to undertake following activities to conduct the baseline survey in the colonies:

  • Develop an inception report which will include the detailing of survey design, methodology, indicators, tools, work plan and a schedule to carry out the assignment. This will be developed and finalized in consultation with SILF.
  • Preparation of draft questionnaire in consultation with SILF and finalization of survey tools after pilot/field testing
  • Printing of approved questionnaires in Hindi, English and other regional languages
  • Developing training modules and conducting training of staff deputed to collect and supervise field data to ensure high quality and accurate data collection
  • Preparation and submission of Colony wise fact sheet,Statereport and comprehensive draft reports to SILF
  • Based on the draft report, a presentation on survey findings to SILF, Govt. department and other stakeholders in Delhi to seek suggestions and feedbacks
  • Finalization of overall baseline survey report, state report and colony wise factsheets as per the feedback and suggestions provided by stakeholders and SILF
  • Deliver final reports (State wise as well as a consolidated version in 4 hard copies and one soft copy), documents, files, data files (raw and cleaned versions of both qualitative and quantitative data)and other materials generated through the assignment

Key deliverables:

  1. Inception Report
  2. Final set of survey tools/questionnaire
  3. Deputed staff list and training report of these deputed staff on field data collection
  4. Plan for conducting survey and ensuring quality in data collection
  5. Data entry and analysis plan
  6. Electronic data files with all clean raw data 
  7. Colony wise factsheets, State Report and consolidated baseline report in English
  8. Four sets of final printed and one electronic copies of State wise and consolidated baseline report in English

Desired profile of contracted Institution/Agency

The agency/institution should have at least 5-7 years of experience in conducting large scale surveys or conducting similar kind of surveys in the field of socio-economic development along with:

  1. Good knowledge and understanding of governance, livelihood, education and health context of leprosy affected people or other marginalizedcommunities in India
  2. Capacity to undertake baseline study in time bound manner.
  3. Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation and baseline research frameworks
  4. Relevant quantitative and qualitative research skills
  5. Data tabulation, data analysis and data representation skills

SILF is seeking proposals from interested Institutions/agencies. Proposal submitted by individual will not be accepted. The Technical proposal may only be a maximum of 8 - 10 pages, to include the following:

  1. Profile of the organization (1page)

(Brief overview of the organization including year of establishment, main areas of expertise (thematic and sector), past client organizations (credentials), financial particulars (revenue size etc.), geographic scope of work and contact information of key focal point).

  1. Relevant Experience (1 page)

(Summary of relevant experience. This should include a list of the name of funding agency, nature of technical inputs provided by the Agency, resource allocation, location and duration).

  1.  CVs of Team Members (attach separately) (Curriculum Vitae of team members from the Agency’s own organization or external experts who will be a part of the team. (Note: These members should be available for the assignment.) The CVs shall contain an undertaking from the respective Key Personnel about his/her availability for the entire training duration
  2. Detailed methodology, quality assurance plan and conceptual framework with expected deliverables along with timeline (5-8 pages); and
  3. A Financial Proposal/ Detailed Budget detailing the survey cost, professional fee etc.

Interested agencies/ organizations can submit a detailed technical and financial proposal by 18th January,2019 at rcpandey@silf.in with cc to rjha@silf.in. After the screening process, selected agencies will be called for a presentation before a Committee constituted by SILF. Committee will take a final call after assessing the merits of the organization.

Supplementary Information - 

It is anticipated that total household may be 50000 in 750 colonies. Kindly develop proposal accordingly. Government appointed State Leprosy Officer may have information on the total population and household in leprosy colonies.




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