RFP Invites For Hiring Of Agency For Consultancy Services In Opelip

Organisation:  OPELIP, Government of Odisha

Apply By:  13 Aug . 2018

RFP Invites For Hiring Of Agency For Consultancy Services In Opelip

Background and Brief description of the Project

The Odisha PVTG Empowerment and Livelihoods Improvement Programme's (OPELIP) goal is to achieve enhanced living conditions and reduced poverty of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal groups (PVTG) and other poor communities. This is sought to be achieved through realizing the development objective of enabling improved livelihoods and food and nutrition security for a total of 62,356 households. Beneficiary households would comprise 32,090 PVTGs, 13,970 other Scheduled Tribe (ST) households, 5,486 Scheduled Caste households and 10,810 others

Purpose & Objective of Assignment:

The purpose of the assignment is to ensure access to fair markets for the PVTGs by expanding income generating opportunities and developing marketing collectives & income security. The PVTGs should be financially literate in order to access the facilities available for rural finance.

The objective is to enhance the knowledge and skills of PVTG households with regard to traditional home based income generating activities, expand the scale and scope of these activities, create sustainable service and support systems for these activities, enhance the value of the NTFPs collected by the PVTGs, establish viable collectives to realise fair prices for NTFPs and create opportunities for employment in the urban industrial economy.

The specific objectives are:

Market Linkage & Income Generation Activity:

  • To asses and analyse the macro level market environment i.e. state and higher level market scenario with respect to forest/tribal/rural/SHG products.
  • To suggest area & cluster based options for income generating activities for PVTGs, forest dependent and other poor communities in the area.
  • To asses and analyse the field situations with respect to resources i.e. natural, human, social, physical, and financial along with current and potential market demand in the context of existing and potential forest/tribal/rural/SHG products with assistance of partner-NGOs and staff of MPA working at project operational units.
  • To provide a final shortlist of potential IGA options for different Micro Project Areas for the enhancement of livelihoods of PVTGs and poor communities.

General Roles & Responsibilities of the Agency:

In addition to the above mentioned scope of work the general roles & responsibilities of the agency will include the followings:

The involvement of the agency will start from the time of signing the contract with PMU and is valid for one year only.

The agency will make sure that all PMU Information used or held by the professionals engaged by it during the period of the Agreement shall be and remain at all times property of OPELIP. Upon the termination or expiration of the Agreement, the agency shall promptly deliver to OPELIP all such tangible items related to this agreement, which is in its possession or control of the agency and which either belong to OPELIP or contain information related to this agreement.

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