RFP Invites For Installation Of 40 E-Toilets At 20 Locations In ABD Area Under Smart City Solapur

Organisation:  Solapur City Development Corporation Limited

Apply By:  15 Jun . 2018

RFP Invites For Installation Of 40 E-Toilets At 20 Locations In ABD Area Under Smart City Solapur

Invitation for Proposal

Solapur City Development Corporation Limited (“SCDCL” or “Authority”) invite proposals for installation, operation and maintenance of 40 E-Toilets at 20 locations in the area selected for Area Based Development under the Smart Cities Mission in Solapur (the “ABD Area”)through Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) mode on Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (“DBOT”) basis (the “Project”). This RFP is for Planning, Designing, Engineering, Construction, Installation, Development, Operation and Maintenance of 40 E-Toilets (“Project”) at 20 places in ABD Area of Solapur. The Authority will enter into a separate agreement with the Successful Bidder selected in accordance with this RFP. The agreement will be in the format specified by the Authority.

A “Single Stage” bidding process will be followed for selection of a Successful Bidder. Bidders are required to meet the minimum threshold technical and financial capability criteria, as stated in the RFP and Notice Inviting Tenders (“NIT”) advertisement will be published in the National dailies on 12-05-2018 and as provided herein. Pursuant to this, Bidders would be evaluated on the basis of detailed technical and financial proposals and qualify for undertaking the Project as set out in this RFP. This qualification assessment would be carried out as part of the current bidding and evaluation process. The financial proposal of only those Bidders that possess the minimum technical requirements specified herein would be opened and evaluated.


Solapur City was selected to be developed as a Smart City among nine other cities from Maharashtra. The Smart City Proposal prepared by the city was selected in the first round of Smart Cities Challenge. Post selection in the first round, the city has formed Solapur City Development Corporation Limited (“SCDCL” or “Authority”) for implementation of Smart City projects. Smart City projects comprises of Area Based Development (where in the city has selected an area admeasuring 1040 acres approximately, hereinafter to be referred as the “ABD Area”) and an Information Technology based Pan City solution. Under the ABD Area the Authority has envisaged to improve the city’s public sanitation amenities. The RFP document for this Project shall be available on the Authority’s e-tender website www.mahatenders.gov.in

About E-Toilet

E- Toilet or electronic toilet system shall be a modular, pre-fabricated public toilet made of appropriate material suitable to the local conditions and is integrated with user-friendly electronic interfaces. These are sophisticated unmanned, automated and have remote monitoring capabilities and its health status can be tracked over web. E- Toilets, by integrating electrical, mechanical and web-mobile technologies, incorporate full- cycle approach in sustainable sanitation.

The toilet should have ease of access with the right amount of privacy and safety by use of front canopies which can also be used for advertisement and signage.

The toilet unit fixture should have concealed plumbing with independent water tank.

Voice Guidance (in Marathi language) to help the user to operate the toilet without manual assistance.

Scope of Work

  • It is proposed to install E-Toilets at the above mentioned sites. The “Scope of Work” is given below while complying with applicable laws including but not limited to the local by-laws:
  • Undertaking survey of locations for installation of E-Toilets in the ABD Area and approval from the Solapur Municipal Corporation for the identified locations.
  • Installation of E-Toilet at the designated sites identified by bidder and approved by SCDCL/SMC as per the requirement of the particular location.
  • The successful bidder has to do beautification i.e. construction of paver blocks, chain railing etc. of the surrounding area of the installed units and maintain it throughout the contract period (Refer Annexure 2 for Drawings and detail specification).
  • Certification of structural safety of the installation and barring force majeure, accidents, vandalism the bidder shall make good any structural faults in the installation, if any at the earliest.
  • Effluent from toilet should be connected to nearest sewerage system of Municipal Corporation at his own cost.

Proposal Submitted by a Consortium

The maximum number of allowed members in a consortium is three (3). Each consortium must specify the proposed equity share holding and nominate a member as the “Lead Member” of the Consortium. This shall be enshrined in the Joint Bidding Agreement (“JBA”) signed by all consortium members and submitted along with bid/ proposal, in the format provided in Format J appended to this RFP.

Any changes in the membership of a Bidder will be rejected by the Authority. Proposals submitted by a consortium must provide a JBA to be signed by each member in that consortium and also, on their respective company letter-head duly signed by the authorized signatory of the company which describes the responsibilities and equity commitments of that member in the consortium

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