RFP Invites for Printing and Supply of IEC Materials of Livelihoods Interventions

Organisation:  Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society

Apply By:  17 Nov . 2018

RFP Invites for Printing and Supply of IEC Materials of Livelihoods Interventions

RFP Title: RFP Invites for Printing and Supply of IEC Materials of Livelihoods Interventions

Deadline: 17th Nov. 2018

The Government of India has received for financing from the World Bank towards the cost of Bihar Transformative Development Project and it is intended that part of the proceeds will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for “Printing and Supply of IEC Materials of Livelihoods Interventions.”

Scope of Bid:

The Purchaser indicated in the Bidding Data Sheet (BDS), issues these Bidding Documents for the supply of Goods and Related Services incidental thereto as specified in Section VII, Schedule of Requirements.

The name, identification and number of lots (contracts) of this National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procurement are specified in the BDS.

Throughout these Bidding Documents:

  • the term ―in writing‖ means communicated in written form (e.g. by mail, e-mail, fax, telex, including if specified in the BDS, distributed or received through the electronic-procurement system used by the Employer) with proof of receipt;
  • if the context so requires, ―singular‖ means ―plural‖ and vice versa; and
  • Day‖ means calendar day.

Eligible Bidders

A Bidder may be a firm that is a private entity, or a government owned entity subject to ITB 4.5.

A Bidder shall not have a conflict of interest. Any Bidder found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. A Bidder may be considered to have a conflict of interest for the purpose of this bidding process, if the Bidder:

directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by or is under common control with another Bidder; or

receives or has received any direct or indirect subsidy from another Bidder; or

has the same legal representative as another Bidder; or

has a relationship with another Bidder, directly or through common third parties, that puts it in a position to influence the bid of another Bidder, or influence the decisions of the Purchaser regarding this bidding process; or

participates in more than one bid in this bidding process. Participation by a Bidder in more than one Bid will result in the disqualification of all Bids in which such Bidder is involved. However, this does not limit the inclusion of the same subcontractor in more than one bid; or

any of its affiliates participated as a consultant in the preparation of the design or technical specifications of the goods/equipment that are the subject of the bid; or

Eligible Goods and Related Services:

All the Goods and Related Services to be supplied under the Contract and financed by the Bank may have their origin in any country in accordance with Section V, Eligible Countries.

For purposes of this Clause, the term ―goods‖ includes commodities, raw material, machinery, equipment, and industrial plants; and ―related services‖ includes services such as insurance, installation, training, and initial maintenance.

The term ―origin‖ means the country where the goods have been mined, grown, cultivated, produced, manufactured or processed; or, through manufacture, processing, or assembly, another commercially recognized article results that differs substantially in its basic characteristics from its components.

Preparation of Bids:

Bids shall be submitted online on the e-procurement system specified in BDS 7.1. Detailed guidelines for viewing bids and submission of online bids are given on the website. The Invitation for Bids under this Project is published on this website. Any citizen or prospective bidder can logon to this website and view the Invitation for Bids and can view the details of goods for which bids are invited. A prospective bidder can submit its bid online; however, the bidder is required to have enrolment/registration in the website, and should have valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in the form of smart card/e-token obtained from any authorised certifying agency of Government of India (for class of DSC specified in BDS).

Qualification of the Bidder:

The Purchaser shall determine to its satisfaction whether the Bidder that is selected as having submitted the lowest evaluated and substantially responsive bid meets the qualifying criteria specified in Section III evaluation and Qualification Criteria.

The determination shall be based upon an examination of the documentary evidence of the Bidder’s qualifications submitted by the Bidder, pursuant to ITB Clause 17.

Process of Bid Submission:

The Letter of Bid and Price Schedules shall be prepared using the relevant forms furnished in Section IV, Bidding Forms. The forms must be completed without any alterations to the text, and no substitutes shall be accepted except as provided under ITB 20.2. All blank spaces shall be filled in with the information requested.

Entire Bid including the Letter of Bid and filled-up Price Schedules shall be submitted online on e-procurement system specified in ITB 7.1.

Details and process of online submission of the tender and relevant documents are given in the website mentioned above. Scanned copies of documents listed in clauses 11 and 12.3 should also be uploaded on this website.

Submission of Original Documents: The bidders are required to separately submit (i) original demand drafts towards the cost of bid document and registration on e-procurement website (if not previously registered) (as per RFB); (ii) original bid security in approved form; and (iii) original affidavit regarding correctness of information furnished with bid document, with the office specified in the BDS, before the opening of the Bid, either by registered/speed post/courier or by hand, failing which the bids will be declared non-responsive and will not be opened.

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