RFP invites for Organising 5 nos. of Medical Eye Camp under CSR intervention of FY 2018-19 by WRPL, Chaksu

Organisation:  Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Apply By:  18 Dec . 2018

RFP invites for Organising 5 nos. of Medical Eye Camp under CSR intervention of FY 2018-19 by WRPL, Chaksu

RFP title: RFP invites for Organising 5 nos. of Medical Eye Camp under CSR intervention of FY 2018-19 by WRPL, Chaksu

Deadline: 18th December 2018

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. invites electronic bids through its website https://iocletenders.nic.in under two bid system for the subject work, from bonafide experienced Contractors of sound financial standing and reputation and fulfilling the qualifying requirements stated hereunder and in the tender document:


Indian Oil Corporation Limited, a company registered in India under the Companies Act 1956, through its Chief Manager, (T&I) WRPL Chaksu (hereinafter called as “Tender Inviting Authority”) invites tenders in electronic format from bonafide and experienced Indian Contractors of requisite financial standings and reputation for the following job Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), the largest commercial Government of India undertaking in the country is engaged in the business of refining, transportation and marketing of crude oil and petroleum products. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited is one of the Fortune “Global 500” companies.

Bidding Entities:

Tenders may be submitted by following entities provided they meet the pre-qualification criteria as specified in the detailed NIT and amplified under Clause 21.0.0 hereof:

  • An Individual (Proprietary)/ Partnership/ Limited Company (called Sole Bidder)
  • Joint Venture (JV) Company registered in India as per Company Act’1956.
  • Indian company wholly owned Subsidiary of a foreign or Indian company on the strength of its parent/ sister company

In such a case the following shall be complied and necessary documents from Parent Company/ sister concern shall be submitted:

The works under consideration shall either be executed by the Parent Company/ sister concern or shall be executed under supervision and back-up of the Parent Company/ sister concern.

Details of mode of work execution, manpower, machinery deployment by the parent company/ sister concern shall be furnished along with the Bid.

Responsibility matrix of Parent company, sister concern & bidding company not limited to the following shall be furnished along with the bid:

  • Overall responsibility for execution of entire work under the contract shall be with the parent company/ sister concern.
  • Both the parent company, sister concern & bidding company are jointly & severely responsible in terms of tender.
  • Parent company/ sister concern will provide all technical & technology transfer to bidding company.

Tender Instructions

The Bidder is expected to download the complete set of tender document from the Owner’s  website as per the index of the tender, fully read, understand & compile the same as per the various instructions contained herein and in “Instructions to Tenderers”.

All in formation disclosed to the Tenderers by way of the Tender Documents shall be considered confidential and any person/ Tenderer shall not part with possession of the Tender Documents or copy or disclose information thereof to any party, except as may be necessary for carrying out the work. It being understood that the Tender Documents have been downloaded by the eligible Tenderer solely for the purpose of bidding. Where it is found that any Tenderer has violated and has disclosed sensitive and vital information impugning on the security of the installation/ national security, necessary action, as may be called for, may be taken against the Tenderer concerned in addition to his being liable to be black listed and/ or barred from participating in future bids.

The Tender Documents shall always be & remain the exclusive property of the Owner without any right with the Bidder to use them for any purpose except for submitting the tender in accordance with the provisions of these instructions by the prospective Bidders and for use by the successful Bidder with reference to the work. The Owner shall have no obligation to return to the Bidder the Tender Documents submitted by the Bidder.

Submission of Tender

Tenders shall be submitted through online mode only on the Owner’s e-tendering portal https://www.iocletenders.nic.in. Manual Bids submitted in any other form through Telex/ Fax/ Telegram/ E-mail/ Courier/ Registered Post/ manually shall not be accepted.

However, documents which necessarily have to be submitted in originals like EMD and any other documents mentioned in the Tender Documents have to be submitted offline. The Owner shall not be responsible in any way for failure on the part of the Bidder to follow the instructions.

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