RFP invites for Selection of Consulting Services for EIA, EMP, SIA, RAP for Capacity Augmentation of National Waterway

Organisation:  Inland Waterways Authority of India

Apply By:  24 Oct . 2018

RFP invites for Selection of Consulting Services for EIA, EMP, SIA, RAP for Capacity Augmentation of National Waterway

RFP for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Capacity Augmentation of National Waterway -1


The Client named in the Data Sheet intends to select a Consultant from those listed in the Letter of Invitation, in accordance with the method of selection specified in the Data Sheet.

The shortlisted Consultants are invited to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal, or a Technical Proposal only, as specified in the Data Sheet, for consulting services required for the assignment named in the Data Sheet. The Proposal will be the basis for negotiating and ultimately signing the Contract with the selected Consultant.

The Consultants should familiarize themselves with the local conditions and take them into account in preparing their Proposals; including attending a pre-proposal conference if one is specified in the Data Sheet. Attending any such pre-proposal conference is optional and is at the Consultants’ expense.

Conflict of Interest

The Consultant is required to provide professional, objective, and impartial advice, at all times holding the Client’s interests paramount, strictly avoiding conflicts with other assignments or its own corporate interests, and acting without any consideration for future work.

The Consultant has an obligation to disclose to the Client any situation of actual or potential conflict that impacts its capacity to serve the best interest of its Client. Failure to disclose such situations may lead to the disqualification of the Consultant or the termination of its Contract and/or sanctions by the Bank.


  • The Bank permits consultants (individuals and firms, including Joint Ventures and their individual members) from all countries to offer consulting services for Bank-financed projects.
  • Furthermore, it is the Consultant’s responsibility to ensure that its Experts, joint venture members, Sub-consultants, agents (declared or not), sub-contractors, service providers, suppliers and/or their employees meet the eligibility requirements as established by the Bank in the Applicable Guidelines.

Preparation of Proposals



In preparing the Proposal, the Consultant is expected to examine the RFP in detail. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested in the RFP may result in rejection of the Proposal.

Cost of Preparation of Proposal

The Consultant shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its Proposal, and the Client shall not be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the selection process. The Client is not bound to accept any proposal and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time prior to Contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the Consultant.

Language: The Proposal, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the Proposal, exchanged between the Consultant and the Client shall be written in the language(s) specified in the Data Sheet.

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