RFP for Management of Undernourished Children at Village Level
RFP for Management of Undernourished Children at Village Level

Organization: HCL Foundation

Apply By: 22 Mar 2019

RFP title: RFP for Management of Undernourished Children at Village Level

Deadline: 22nd March 2019

HCL Samuday

HCL Samuday is CSR project of HCL, being implemented in three blocks of Hardoi district, Uttar Pradesh under a MoU signed with State Government. Samuday strives to bring a lasting impact on the lives of 6, 00,000+ people of 164 Gram Panchayats (700 villages) through participatory interventions in agriculture, livelihood, education, health & nutrition, and WASH.


Undernourishment is a curse to India. It is responsible, directly or indirectly, for about 35% of deaths among children under five years of age.

Undernourishment majorly manifests itself in 3 forms:

  • Stunting reflects chronic under nutrition during the most critical periods of growth and development in early life. It is defined as the percentage of children, aged 0 to 59 months, whose height for age is below minus two standard deviations (moderate and severe stunting) and minus three standard deviations (severe stunting) from the median of the WHO Child Growth Standards.
  • Wasting is defined as the percentage of children whose weight for height is below minus two standard deviations (moderate) and minus three standard deviations (severe) from the median of the WHO child growth standards.
  • Underweight is similarly defined as the percentage of children whose weight for age is below minus two standard deviations (moderate) and minus three standard deviations (severe) from the median of the WHO child growth standards.

Poshan programme of Samuday project aims to

Bring down the number of wasted (severe & acute malnourished - SAM) and severe underweight (SUW) children to less than 5% from its current 12% of total population of children in the age group 0 to 5 years through direct intervention by organizing 14 days’ nutrition camps at village levels and referring medically complicated children to NRC

Minimize the prevalence of malnourished children (including stunting) through preventive measures like capacitating Anganwadi Workers (AWW) and sensitizing communities through behaviour change communication models and linking families of malnourished children to other interventions of livelihood, WASH and agriculture sectors.

The scope of work for the Service Provider with the expected outcome –

The service provider would engage with the community and Anganwadi Centres to identify SAM/SUW children and organize nutrition camps and other associated activities in 100 Gram Panchayats of the project area. The service provider will organize POSHAN MAH (as a campaign) in the selected Gram Panchayats and plan and organize activities to enable communities to handle the problem of malnourishment.

Major activities need to be carried out in each Gram Panchayat (GP) -

Anthropometric Screening - All the children in the age group of 6 to 60 monthsin a Gram Panchayat are covered in anthropometric screening for identification of SAM and SUW children with the help of WHO growth standard charts. Screening days to be organized at appropriate locations, preferably AWCs to take accurate anthropometric measurements (age, weight & height) of all children. (calculation of standard deviation to identify SAM/SUW children depends on accuracy in taking measurements).

Counselling/sensitization of parents of SAM/SUW children – counselling of parents of SAM/SUW children to sensitize them on the nutritional status of their children and the need to act immediately. They need to be counselled to bring their SAM/SUW child to nutrition camp or NRC as per the requirement.

  • Organization of 15 day’s nutrition camps (including first-day medical screening**) at the village level for all identified SAM & SUW children to provide them three meals (one energy-rich premix and two fresh cooked meals) per day in prescribed age-specific quantities.
  • All SAM/SUW children identified in a Gram Panchayat are medically examined and enrolled in nutrition camps or admitted to NRC, Hardoi, as the case may be.
  • (Medical screening is required to be done by a qualified physician to diagnose general illness and medical complications, if any in all SAM/SUW children, so that they can be treated during the camp duration or referred to Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC), Hardoi for specialized treatment).
  • Measurement of the weight of each enrolled child to be taken four times during 15 days’ (0,th, 10th, 14th) camp duration at a fixed time.
  • Ten nutrition camps (with pre-camp activities) are expected to be organized every month in different Gram Panchayats. One camp can be organized for 20 to 40 SAM/SUW children. If there are more than 40 children in a GP, 2 or more camps can be organized.
  • If the number of SAM/SUW children is less than 20 in a Gram Panchayat, such children from 2 nearby Gram Panchayats can be brought together at a suitable location to organize a nutrition camp. If it is not at all possible to bring children of 2 Gram Panchayats together, they are to be covered and monitored through home visits and Anganwadi Centres.
  • At least 80 % SAM/SUW children identified in a GP must complete 12 days of nutrition camp with having fed with three meals per day in age-appropriate specified quantities.

Enrolment of all children in AWCs - All the SAM/SUW and MAM/UW children are enrolled in AWC and get supplementary nutrition as prescribed by Govt, and their growth is monitored periodically at the AWC.

Follow Up Home Visits - All the SAM/SUW children are tracked through follow up home visits and AWC till they move from SAM/SUW to MAM/UW or normal category. A robust data management system to be developed to track the progress of each child until he/she attains normal nutrition level.

Behavior Change through Training/orientation, BCC activities – The POSHAN MAH in a GP will create an environment where the issue of under-nourishment is mainstream in all the community level dialogues and discourses. Other Samuday interventions incorporate the issue in all their interactions with the community at different levels and platforms. A robust SBCC strategy to be developed and activities planned and conducted around IYCF to sensitize and generate awareness among FLWs and community. AWWs and Mothers of SAM/SUW children are sensitizing and are trained to prepare pre-mix (protein/energy-rich diet supplement), other nutritious recipes and monitor the growth of their children.


The project aims to cover 100 Gram Panchayats of the project area in a year starting from April 2019.


Monthly deliverables include GP wise report on activities conducted, target covered, the progress of children and data of -

  • Anthropometric measurement of all Children.
  • List of SAM and SUW children identified.
  • List of children with medical complications.
  • List of children admitted in nutrition camps with periodic progressive anthropometric measurements.
  • List of SAM & SUW children followed up with dates of follow up and anthropometric data.
  • Record of field visits, stock inventory, attendance, doctor’s prescriptions discharge slips and other.
  • Reports of BCC activities and training/ meetings.
  • Report of Quality assurance measures and compliance.
  • Monthly financial documentation.

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