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CSR Projects in Women Empowerment and Rural Development
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CSR Projects in Women Empowerment and Rural Development

List of CSR Projects Implemented by Companies in India in FY 2015-16

Theme: Gender and Women Empowerment, Rural Development

Project Beginning/implementation Year: FY 2015-16


The Context

This booklet provides list of CSR projects in gender and women empowerment and rural development themes, implemented by companies in FY 2015-16.  

The document provides information on

-Company-wise projects

-CSR project spent 

-Location of the projects (geographic coverage)

-Implementation partners

-List of 290+ CSR Projects


-INR 570Cr CSR spend


Published : 2017
Published by : NGOBOX
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Edition : 2017

Language : English

Book Pages : 122

Book Type : E-Book


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