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CSR Projects in Maharashtra (2017 edition)
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CSR Projects in Maharashtra (2017 edition)

CSR Projects in Maharashtra-2017 Edition

The booklet covers projects from all thematic areas like education, skilling, healthcare, WASH, environmental sustainability, specially-abled, women empowerment, rural development and all other areas as mentioned in the Schedule VII of the Companies Act. There are:

-1342 projects implemented by companies in Maharashtra

-INR 1248 Cr spend on CSR

-Total 257 companies (out of big 500 listed companies)


The document helps NGOs, CSR project implementing agencies and advisory firms to identify companies and their interest areas for potential CSR partnerships. It also helps other companies to understand how India's top companies are implementing CSR projects in Maharashtra 
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Published : 2017
Published by : NGOBOX
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Edition : 2017

Language : English

Book Pages : 580

Book Type : E-Book


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