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Healthcare and WASH CSR Projects by Private Ltd Companies
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Healthcare and WASH CSR Projects by Private Ltd Companies

Healthcare and WASH CSR Projects by Private Ltd. Companies


This is the first ever compilation and analysis of CSR projects of private limited (unlisted) companies in India. The document enlists some of the best brands including a good number of Fortune 500 companies operating in India.  The document covers 185 companies with 450+ CSR projects in healthcare and WASH domain. These projects were implemented in FY 15-16. 

Here are a few of the companies:

Airbus, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Fidelity, Fiserve, Johnson & Johnson, Zydus Hospira, ANZ, Facebook, AON, Barco, Nokia, Microsoft, Bisleri Int., Gartner, Bloomberg, Bridgestone, CeturyLink, Ciena, Cognizant, Dell, DSP Blackrock, Eaton Tecnologies, Epson, Euroflex, Flextronics, Ford Motor, Gap, GE India, Genpact, Goldman Sach, Google India, Heinz, Pepsico, Hitachi, Hyundai Motor, JP Morgan, John Deere, LG Electronics, Lubrizol, Mercedez, Modelez India, NEC, Pernord Ricard, Qualcomm, Reckitt Benckiser, Roche, S C Johnson, Sandoz, Sanofi, SAP Labs, SBI Funds, Sequoia Capital, Teradata, Texas Instruments, Tractors India, Tupperware, UBS, Visa, Yardi Software etcc.


Published : 2017
Published by : NGOBOX
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Edition : April 2017

Language : English

Book Pages : 281

Book Type : E-Book


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