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CSR in Education in India's Privately-owned companies
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CSR in Education in India's Privately-owned companies

Implemented by private limited companies in India in FY 2017-18

(Covers global brands like GE, Citigroup, Sandvik, HP, CenturyLink, Credit Suisse, Apple, Ford Motor, Fidelity etc.

Highlights of the report:

No. of Companies- 97

No. of projects- 346

Total CSR spent in education- INR 230.63 Cr.


The booklet covers:

  • Name and address of companies
  • Their Prescribed CSR for FY 2017-18
  • CSR Project title
  • Amount spent on the project
  • Locations where project implemented
  • Implementing partners
Published : 2019
Published by : NGOBOX and CSRBOX
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Product Id : EDPvt19

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Edition : January 2019

Language : English

Book Pages : 135

Book Type : E-book


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