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Energy Security Choices for India
C. Vinodan
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Energy Security Choices for India

The availability of cheap, abundant and regular power supply is an essential condition for development. If India is to move to a higher growth rate, it must ensure reliable availability of energy—particularly electric power and petroleum products—at internationally competitive prices. India cannot compete effectively in world markets unless critical energy inputs are available in adequate quantities and at appropriate prices.

India faces formidable challenges in meeting its energy needs and providing adequate and varied energy of desired quality to users in a sustainable manner and at reasonable costs. The country needs economic growth for human development, which in turn requires access to clean, convenient and reliable energy for all.

Achieving an efficient configuration of the various forms of energy requires consistency in the policies governing each sector and consistency in the pricing of different types of energy. There is also a need for clarity in the direction in which India wants to move in respect of energy security, energy conservation and environmental concerns.

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