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Quantifying Under-nutrition in Rural India
Rekha Sharma
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Quantifying Under-nutrition in Rural India

This book provides an insight into the problem of malnutrition in rural India and among its 15 major states. Specifically, it quantifies nutrient deprivation not only in terms of traditional approach—calorie and protein deficiency—but extends it to micronutrients—vitamins and minerals. Other studies attempting to quantify the micronutrient deficiencies in India have typically focused on their  clinical and sub-clinical manifestations; studies that quantify the magnitude of deprivation in nutrient intakes vis-à-vis RDAs are rare having limited geographical coverage.

Further, this study has analysed how the macro- and micro-nutrient intakes vary with income and how these are conditioned by education, occupational structure, household size and its composition, etc. It has also examined how the nutritional status of children under the age of 3 years varies with nutrient intake levels, socio-economic variables and environmental factors. It identifies key factors that are associated with the prevalence of underweight and anaemia among women and young children and also discusses the relevant policy implications. This is perhaps the first comprehensive analysis of micronutrient malnutrition in rural India using two rich data sets provided by NSSO and NFHS.


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Nutrition , India

ISBN : 2147483647

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Language : English

Book Pages : 394

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