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Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2014
Ministry of Agriculture, GoI
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Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2014

A flagship publication of the Ministry of Agriculture, this is an authentic source of data on various facets of agriculture and allied sector. It gives a comprehensive picture of Indian agriculture by presenting statistical data across states and time periods, covering diverse aspects, such as crop production and productivity, land use, agricultural inputs, terms of trade, price support and procurement, domestic and international trade, rainfall, credit and insurance. Though primarily based on data being continuously generated by the Ministry of Agriculture through a nation-wide agricultural data collection system and by various other central and state government Departments, the 2014 edition includes key indicators of Situation Assessment Survey of Agricultural Households 2013, made public in December 2014. 

List of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Conversion Table
1. Methodology of Crop Estimation
2. Socioeconomic Indicators
3. Outlays, Expenditure and Capital Formation in Agriculture
4. Area, Production and Yield of Principal Crops
4(A) Area, Production and Yield of Principal Crops in Major Producing States
4(B) Yield Rates of Principal Crops
4(C) Area and Yield of Cereal Crops Covered under Crop Estimation Survey (CES)
5. Area, Production and Yield of Horticulture and Plantation Crops
6. All-India Index Numbers of Area, Production and Yield
7. Area, Production and Yield of Major Crops in Different Countries
8. Minimum Support Prices/Marketed Surplus Ratios
9. Procurement by Public Agencies
10. Per Capita Net Availability
11. Consumption and Stocks
12. Imports/Exports/Inflation Rates
13. Land Use Statistics
14. Inputs
15. Agricultural Census
16. Situation Assessment Survey of Farmers
17. Ceiling on Landholdings and Wages for Agricultural Workers
18. Livestock
19. Fish Production
20. Rainfall Scenario and Management of Natural Disasters
21. Conversion Factors between Important Primary and Secondary Agricultural Commodities
22. List of Studies Conducted by Agro-Economic Research Centres Appendices 
I Explanatory Notes 
II Methodology on Index Numbers of Area, Production and Yield 
III Glossary of English, Botanical and Hindi Names of Important Crops 
IV Crop Calendar of Major Crops 
V Harvesting Season of Major Fruits 
Vl Harvesting Season of Major Vegetables 

Vll Seed Rate of Sowing for Important Field Crops 

Ministry of Agriculture , Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Government of India 

Published :
Published by : Ministry of Agriculture, GoI
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ISBN : 2147483647

Edition : First

Language : English

Book Pages : 480

Book Type : Paperback


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