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Innovation Management, 2/e
Allan Afuah
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Innovation Management, 2/e

Innovation Management, 2/e, provides a systematic approach to the strategies and processes that underlie the financial results of innovation.
Innovation is the key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in the business world. Using multi-functional research from economics, organizational theory, general management and marketing, and strategy literature.Designed to meet the increasing number of courses in innovation management, the text provides full coverage of this vitally important area of business. Drawing from his extensive professional and academic experience, Allan Afuah shows the relationship between innovation, a management function, and profitability, a financial function. In this second edition, Afuah explicitly incorporates coverage of the Internet as a technological change and offers an entirely new chapter, "Strategies for Sustaining Profits." The text takes a unique multi-functional approach that integrates the important contributions of economics, organizational theory, marketing, and finance to innovation management. This approach provides students with a full presentation of appropriate management theory and detailed coverage of practical concerns such as the role of government regulation, choosing a profit site, and the transfer of innovation. The impact of the public and international sectors is highlighted with chapters on globalization, innovation in emerging economies, and the role of government in promoting innovation.


1. Introduction and OverviewI. FUNDAMENTALS

2. Models of Innovation

3. The Underpinnings of Profits: Assets, Competences, and Knowledge

4. Sources and Transfer of InnovationII. STRATEGIZING

5. Recognizing the Potential of an Innovation

6. Reducing Uncertainty: The Role of Technological Trends, Market Regularities, and Innovation Strategy

7. Choosing a Profit Site: Dynamic Competitive Analysis

8. Strategic Choice or Environmental Determinism

9. Identifying Potential Co-competitor

10. Strategies for Sustaining ProfitsIII. IMPLEMENTING AND PROTECTION OF PROFITS

11. Financing Entrepreneurial Activity

12. Implementation of the Decision to AdoptIV. GLOBALIZATION

13. Globalization for Innovations

14. Innovating for Emerging Economies

15. Role of National Governments in Innovation

16. The Internet: A Case in Technological Change

17. Strategic Innovation Process


1 Standards and Dominant DesignsAppendix

2 Organizational StructuresAppendix

3 Organizational Boundaries


Case 1: Netscape CorporationIndex


About the Author

Allan Afuah ,Associate Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business, University of Michigan Business School

Published :
Published by : Oxford University Press
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ISBN : 2147483647

Edition : Second

Language : English

Book Pages : 400

Book Type : Paperback


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