Applications Invited for Post Graduate Programme in Policy, Design & Management

Applications Invited for Post Graduate Programme in Policy, Design & Management

Institute Name: Indian School of Public Policy

Apply By: 15 Mar 2020

One year Post Graduate Programme in Policy, Design & Management

About the Organization:

Indian School of Public Policy is the first design thinking focused school of public policy in India, founded with a vision to develop policy professionals with the knowledge, skills, wisdom and ethics to understand, design and implement local solutions to India’s enduring policy and governance challenges. The School aims to develop an appreciation of the underlying dynamism of (Indian) society as well as empathy for the multiple stakeholders involved.

Programme Overview:

The programme is a comprehensive training course for students aiming for high-profile careers in public policy practice.

The aim of the programme will be to equip tomorrow’s policy leaders with core skills in implementation, management & assessment.

This public policy course in Policy, Design & Management is built and designed for aspiring public policy managers, practitioners and administrators.

The programme will ground students in a strong public policy foundation with theoretical rigour, while being experience and problem driven.

The programme will be open to all students, who qualify on merit, without assuming prior policy experience.

Programme Structure:

  • 1-year, full-time programme with regular classes & coursework
  • 8 academic terms of 6 weeks each
  • Policy lectures, seminars & workshops for through the duration of the programme

Components of the Programme:

Elements of Programme:

  • The Indian School of Public Policy follows a 360-degree comprehensive training philosophy, and the curriculum is a blended design of the theory, perspectives and best practices of public policy from around the world, augmented with technical, managerial and leadership skills to navigate complex challenges facing the country and sub-continent.

Focus Areas:

  • Health Policy and Management
  • Education Policy and Design
  • Environmental Studies
  • Science, Technology, and Infrastructure Policy
  • Urbanization and Governance
  • National Security

Policy Exercises & Capstone Seminars:

Policy Exercises

  • Students will work on a practical policy formulation, using basics learnt during the programme.
  • Focus will be placed on comprehension, integration of elements and communication.
  • Topics will be based on the student's choice of specialization.

Capstone Seminars

  • Students work on policy formulation using advanced analytical skills & tools.
  • Focus will be on serious research, quantitative modelling, and integrative of the various elements learnt in the course material.
  • Topics will be based on the student's choice of specialization.


  • ISPP trains its scholars to be leaders for policy action. As such, our scholars not only undergo a comprehensive academic programme in Public Policy, but they are also rigorously trained in management, communication and leadership skills. The one-year academic session is divided into 8 terms of 6 weeks each.
  • Over the course of our program, all scholars will be trained in a wide range of public policy subjects, namely – Statistics, Social Psychology, Political Economy, Design Thinking, Organizational Strategy, Project Evaluation, Law, Conflict Management, Research, Ethics and Leadership Skills. The program cumulates with a capstone project where the scholars utilize their learnings from across these subjects to frame relevant policy problems and conceive positive workable solutions.
  • Outside of academics, our scholars also undergo training in R programming, creative writing, networking, spreadsheet management, presentations, proposal writing, public speaking, negotiations, project management and advocacy.

Basic Requirements:

  • The 1-year programme in Policy, Design & Management is a post graduate certificate programme open to all college graduates from India or abroad. While no prior public policy experience or education is expected of students, it is assumed that they have basic numerical literacy, and fluency in English as minimum admission requirements.
  • The programme welcomes students straight out of college, as well as early to mid-career professionals. There is no minimum or maximum age to admission eligibility.
  • To apply, students must complete the comprehensive ISPP admissions form and submit supporting documentation as required.

Eligible Students:

  • Admissions are open not only for students from the fields of public administration, public policy, governance or similar, but also for students from other academic and/or professional backgrounds.
  • Students are welcome to apply from across the spectrum, regardless of past work-experience, present career or choice of discipline at the Bachelors level.
  • There are no minimum academic criteria either.
  • ISPP is looking for a diverse, intellectually curious and socially conscious student body, open to a wide variety of career options related to public policy and its nuances.

How to Apply:

  • Applying to the 1-year programme in Policy, Design & Management is straightforward and simple.
  • To apply, prospective students must complete the comprehensive ISPP admissions form online, available on the ISPP website, and submit the supporting documentation.
  • The form will be available on the website from 15 January 2020. This may be submitted, at any time, during the School’s three rounds of admissions, dates of which are available on: https://www.ispp.org.in/admission/
  • Post application, students may be shortlisted based on the merits of their candidacy, and called for an in-person interview and group discussion.

Deadline: 15 March 2020

Email: contact@ispp.org.in

Call: +91-73032-00363

Website: www.ispp.org.in

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