Applications Invited for Social Cost Benefit Analysis Program

Applications Invited for Social Cost Benefit Analysis Program

Institute Name: Institute of Rural Management, Anand

Apply By: 20 May 2022

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About the Organization

Institute of Rural Management Anand is an autonomous institution and premier business school located in Anand Gujarat, India with the mandate of contributing to the professional management of rural organisations.

About the Program

Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) is applied to measure the net economic and distributional benefits of a project. The financial net benefit of a project is measured through Financial Cost Benefit Analysis, which is only a part of SCBA. SCBA includes environmental and other indirect costs and benefits in project appraisal. The analysis is helpful legitimizing a project in broader public interest. Thus, it helps getting government approval and attracting financial support from national and international donors. SCBA is mandatory for projects such as land acquisition for railway, power plant, dam construction, etc. It is useful in estimating net benefits of a project where the output has no market value or output does not exist in market, such as clean water supply, sanitation, pollution control, etc.

Programme Objectives

  • To introduce participants the basic concepts of Social Cost Benefit Analysis as a tool for decision making
  • To understand the net socio-economic benefits of development initiatives of government and non-government organizations (NGOs) as well as initiatives under corporate social responsibility (CSR) of for-profit organizations

Benefits of the Programme

  • Conduct social cost benefit analysis and asses the net socioeconomic benefit of a project
  • Valuation of non-market outcomes or products including assessment of willingness-to-pay for public goods or publicly provided private goods
  • Estimate the overall cost-benefits and its distribution amongst stakeholders


May 20, 2022

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