Applications Invited for Pursuit Incubator Program for Entrepreneurs

Applications Invited for Pursuit Incubator Program for Entrepreneurs

Organization: Because International

Apply By: 18 Jul 2021

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About the Organization:

Because International is a nonprofit organization which serves as the structure to get The Shoe That Grows to as many kids as possible who are in desperate need of footwear to protect their feet. Their mission is to use products as solutions to alleviate poverty.

Pursuit Incubator Program for Entrepreneurs

The Pursuit Incubator is designed for an entrepreneur who is in the early to middle stages of product development. The program is uniquely focused on overcoming the challenges to developing affordable manufactured products which have proven market attractiveness and are ready to aim for production at scale. This training will be beneficial for both entrepreneurs who are launching their first product, or those who are looking to add something to an existing line. The ten sessions cover the following concepts:

  • Fully understanding the problem
  • Stages of product design and development
  • Launching a business
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Developing a marketing and sales plan
  • Setting and achieving growth goals

Upon completion, entrepreneurs will have a written Pursuit Plan, a polished pitch ready to share with potential investors, progress towards or completion of a next level goal and an opportunity to participate in an annual pitch competition.

Program Components:

The program has four primary components.

Training: A 10-week, online curriculum covers topics common to startups and illustrated by Because International’s experience with own social enterprise startup, The Shoe That Grows.

Coaching: At the beginning of the 10-week cohort, each entrepreneur is matched with an experienced CEO Advisor who will mentor them during the program and beyond.

Networking: Entrepreneurs network with members of their cohort, alumni of the Pursuit Incubator and the Pursuit Advisor Network—a group of subject matter experts with connections worldwide.

Funding: The Because International has linked entrepreneurs to thousands of dollars in funding over the last two years. At the end of the cohort, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to compete in a pitch event for a cash prize.


  • Anyone with a socially innovative product is encouraged to apply.
  • The Because International does not work with entrepreneurs in restaurant, entertainment, education, software, food or service industries.

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