Applications invited for Accelerating Access Communities Stories Fellowship Program

Applications invited for Accelerating Access Communities Stories Fellowship Program

Organization: WRI India

Apply By: 04 Apr 2021


The aaco initiative invites young professionals to participate in a three-month unique ACCESS program. The fellows will actively contribute to the public discourse on WASH and healthy space challenges faced by disadvantaged urban communities in India.


The ACCESS program aims to share local communities’ urban challenges such as flooding, drought, lack of access to drinking water and sanitation, solid waste management etc. It will also focus on interventions such as nature-based solutions or infrastructural solutions through various storytelling mediums.


The program aims to equip a young talent pool to engage with local communities, community organizations and other stakeholders to narrate compelling stories that spark change.



The ACCESS program aims for:


  • Opportunities for youth to learn, develop skills and engage with WASH and healthy space challenges in disadvantaged urban communities
  • Powerful narration of on-ground stories on the challenges faced by the community and their effort to instigate meaningful discourses and implement solutions
  • Collaboration of young people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to offer new perspectives and creativity in communicating complex problems



  • A young urban leader network and a headstart in the WASH sector
  • Financial grant of up to INR 4,50,000 per team (three-member team). Each member receives INR 1,50,000. The grant is inclusive of all applicable taxes
  • Site-based applied learning, knowledge-sharing, capacity-building and direct technical assistance by aaco partners
  • One-to-one mentorship and coaching from field experts
  • Workshops on topics such as stakeholder engagement methods, design-thinking, effective story narration etc.
  • Global visibility and connections





  • Age group of 18 to 30 – Indian nationality
  • Young professionals with a Bachelor’s degree in disciplines like media, architecture, civil engineering, sociology, art, urban planning, music and others.
  • Applicants with 10th/12th degree and/or non-degree certificates like vocational course certificates with experience of working in disadvantaged communities on aaco thematic priorities*
  • Part-timers/freelancers/not involved in a full-time job
  • Applicants must have basic English proficiency
  • Applicants from diverse economic and social backgrounds are encouraged to apply
  • We encourage applications from all backgrounds. Women, people with disabilities, under-represented social groups and underprivileged backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Read more about WRI India’s values on diversity, equity, and inclusion.



The applicant must:


  • Be able to work in a team
  • Have collaborative and multi-disciplinary thinking
  • Deliver quality and unique outcome
  • Be part-timers/freelancers/not involved in a full-time job
  • Have basic knowledge on topics of WASH and healthy space challenges in urban disadvantaged communities


The fellows are expected to develop stories that must cover one or more of the following themes –


  • Water and Sanitation Accessibility
  • Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion
  • Circular WASH solutions (greywater recycle and reuse)
  • Climate-resilient infrastructure
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design/ Nature-Based Solutions (such as rain gardens, recharge wells, retention ponds, etc.)
  • Solid Waste Management and Healthy Spaces
  • Other projects that focus on WASH and Healthy spaces



  • One main creative outcome as decided by the team (see the above points for reference) (mandatory)
  • One photo-essay blog of 800 words (mandatory)
  • One report (mandatory)
  • A journal (highly recommended – this will help capture the team’s thought process to reflect upon)

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