Applications Invited for GEC Scaling for Impact

Applications Invited for GEC Scaling for Impact

Organization: Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC)

Event Duration: 02 Aug. 2022 - 15 Aug. 2022

Apply By: 15 Aug 2022

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About the Organization

The GEC’s vision is to catalyze the transformation towards a sustainable world. The GEC scales innovative companies with sustainable technologies, processes and business models for impact.

About the Event   

The Global Entrepreneurship Centre’s (GEC) mandate is to increase the number of successful start-ups that scale and reach commercial success. The GEC supports transformative companies that focus on Sustainable Technologies (SusTech) for achieving circularity, the global climate targets of the Paris Accord and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The GEC  supports and brings to the market the world’s best SusTech entrepreneurs through a unique 360° scale-up service and thus craft the economy of the future.

To identify innovation champions with transformative potential, the GEC will consider investment in time and services in the following activity sectors:

  • Agriculture and Nutrition
  • Building and Living
  • Textiles
  • Mobility

Your products and services will need to feature a

  • Material and/or product innovation,
  • Process and logistics innovation,
  • Recycling innovation,
  • Business model innovation.

If your company does not DIRECTLY provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the preceding sectors, you could still be considered for GEC funding, provided that your offering is a key enabler for those. Which enabling cross-industry technologies, services and business models do you provide? We also look at champions in: 

  • Sustainable Chemistry Energy Solutions
  • Materials Science Innovation
  • Robotics and Sensor Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Twin
  • Logistics Innovation


The application is open for entrepreneurs from all continents.

Selection Criteria

The GEC assessment covers the following criteria:

  • Innovation,
  • Team,
  • Business viability,
  • Market potential,
  • Partnerships,
  • Direct and indirect impact on the achievement of the global climate targets of the Paris Accord, on the Achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, on the Implementation of Circular Economy Concepts

How to Apply

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