Applications Invited for Just Right Kids Award 2020

Applications Invited for Just Right Kids Award 2020

Organization: PRATYeK

Event Duration: 15 Oct. 2020 - 25 Oct. 2020

Apply By: 25 Oct 2020

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About the Organization:

PRATYeK, a registered Society with an emphasis on ‘Presence and Right-relations for Advocacy and Training of the Young in Earth-rights and Kids-rights’. PRATYeK in Hindi means ‘every being’ and they capture the essence of realizing all rights for and ensuring all opportunities to every child and every member of the earth community in India, if not the world. PRATYeK is the presence of Edmund Rice International in India. The ‘e’ signifies Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers and whose vision is the inspiration of PRATYeK. ‘e’ also stands for Education, Empathy, Empowerment, Equity, for Every right, for the Earth, for Every Child-for Everyone.

Just Right Kids Award

Children across the world have now begun standing for their rights as well as for those of their peers, especially for the last, the unheard child and their mother Earth. This award recognizes the voices and efforts of children in India. THE JUST RIGHT KIDS AWARDS honors children who are proactively working on climate change, inclusion, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and child-rights with a special emphasis on the most vulnerable children.

The award also honors the memory and work of Thomas Chandy, a child rights advocate and the founder CEO of Save the Children, India. He worked consistently towards ensuring that policies and systems effectively provide opportunities for children to access their rights.


  • Pro-Activist of the Earth - Activists who advocate for, or work towards, protecting the natural environment and the members of the earth community from the effects of climate change or pollution.
  • Defender of Child Rights - Children who raise their voices while investing their time and talents for improving their own situation and that of the children in their neighborhoods, schools, state, nation and even the world.
  • Advocate for the Inclusion of the Last Child - Honoring children who have made significant contributions towards challenging structures that exclude children in marginalized situations while amplifying the voice of these children.
  • Challenger Braving All Odds - Honoring the determination and perseverance of children who themselves live in challenging situations and have addressed systems and structures that are neglectful or abusive of their peers.
  • Choice of the People - Based on the number of likes the selected nominee receives on PRATYeK’s Facebook page


  • Young citizens under 18 years of age; (the child should not be older than 18 years as on the 30th of November 2020.)
  • Child Advocate must have resided in India for at least one year. 
  • Child Advocate must have a clear history of advocating for his/her own rights and/or of those of other children or the earth. 
  • It is important that the child-advocate in actively and currently engaged in accomplishing this goal, which has led to concrete results.
  • Each Organisation/School/Company/Institution can nominate only a single Child-advocate. The child can be nominated for more than one category. 
  • Individual child-advocates may apply, but must find an Organisation/School/Company/Institution to stand as referee/sponsor for his/her nomination. 


  • Total Cash Prize to be won - Rs 1,10,000/-
  • Cash prize for each of the first four categories - Rs 25,000/-
  • Cash prize for the Choice of the People Award - Rs 10,000/-
  • Certificates will be awarded to all winners and nominees who qualify for rounds beyond the initial elimination round.
  • Certificates of gratitude will be given to all organisations who nominate a child-advocate who qualify for rounds beyond the initial elimination.

Deadline: 25th of October, 2020

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