Applications Invited for Climate Investment Challenge

Applications Invited for Climate Investment Challenge

Organization: Centre for Climate Finance & Investment

Apply By: 03 Mar 2023

Grant Amount: 10000 Pound

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About the Organization

The Centre’s purpose is to unlock solutions within capital markets to address the challenges posed by global climate change.

We execute interdisciplinary research combining intellectual rigour and industry relevance. Through collaboration between academics and practitioners, we are generating a new understanding of the risks and investment opportunities arising in this changing climate; through climate scenarios, nature based-solutions, renewable energy, and climate-resilient infrastructure.

About the Grant

The Climate Investment Challenge calls on students to develop and describe creative financial solutions and innovations addressing the defining challenge of our time  – climate change. This could include identifying untapped climate finance opportunities or developing innovative financial structures or instruments that improve the bankability of climate investments.

There is no single right answer. In the battle against climate change and its impacts, ideas across all sectors, topics, and regions are important!

The planet has a carbon budget of approximately 420 gigatons (GT) - this is the amount of carbon emissions we can emit while having a chance to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C. Unfortunately with the current rate of carbon emissions, we will exhaust our carbon budget in the next 6 years. Mitigating climate change involves rapidly scaling up investment in climate mitigating and adaption projects. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) estimates average investment requirements to be between $3.1 trillion and $5.8 trillion per year until 2050.

That’s why we need your ideas to scale climate finance and fight against climate change!


The Main Competition Prize is focused on financial tools that exist today (e.g., loans, derivatives, REITs, bonds) to address a specific climate problem that is currently underserved. The winning team will be awarded £10,000.

The Emerging Markets Prize is focused on financial tools that exist today (e.g., REITs, bonds) to address a specific Emerging Markets climate problem that is currently underserved. The winning team will be awarded £6,000.

The Financial Disruption Prize harnesses technology to disrupt the financial industry (e.g., banking, insurance etc.) to solve climate problems at scale. The winning entrepreneurial idea will be able to utilise the prize money to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The winning team will be awarded £6,000.


Students enrolled in any degree at the time of the submission. The challenge is open globally to students from all academic backgrounds. Undergraduate students may participate as long as the leader of the group is enrolled in a postgraduate degree. Students will have to form teams of 2 to 6 members. Students must apply with their student emails.

How to Apply

The Climate Investment Challenge goes through three stages:

In Stage 1, your team will submit a Concept Note of your idea. If your team’s submission is selected, you’ll move on to the next stage.

In Stage 2 (the Semi-Finals), your team will be invited to develop a detailed slide-pack of your idea. If your team’s presentation is selected, you’ll be moved on to the final stage.

In Stage 3 (the Finals), your team will pitch your idea in front of a top-tier panel of judges from investment banking, private equity, and impact investing.

Submit a Concept Note: The Concept Note will explain the financial challenge/opportunity, the climate impact, and how you plan to fund it. The Concept Note template can be downloaded on the ‘Apply’ page.

Deadline: March 03, 2023

Download the Concept Note Template

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