Applications Invited for Project 560: Curated Artistic Engagements

Applications Invited for Project 560: Curated Artistic Engagements

Organization: India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)

Apply By: 31 Jul 2022

Grant Amount: 500000 INR

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About the Organization:

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is an independent, nationwide, not-for-profit organisation that makes grants and implements projects across research, practice and education in the arts and culture across India, since 1995. They have supported over 750 projects disbursing over Rs 26.65 crore (USD 3.54 million) across the country. The outcomes of these projects—as books, films, performances, exhibitions, games, websites, and archival materials—have been circulating in the public domain through showcases, presentations, seminars, screenings, lecture demonstrations, and festivals, helping widen access and encouraging broader participation in the arts.

Project 560: Curated Artistic Engagements

IFA seeks to implement Curated Artistic Engagements on Bangalore that reflect upon the city by asking questions or by offering multiple imaginations of the cosmopolis. Engagements could include storytelling, music, performances, installations, exhibitions, gaming, lecture-performances, public discussions and other such activities that would offer new perspectives, foreground unheard voices, and encourage people to reimagine the city through the arts and culture.

Create your own kaleidoscope of Bangalore that engages with the multiple narratives that shape the city; bring its past, present, and future in conversation with each other. Make a creative and discursive space where arts, activism, science, ecology, education, urbanisation, technology, languages, and communities can speak together in multiple voices.

Who can send project proposals?

  • Independent curators and artists can apply.
  • Individuals, who may be connected with collectives and organisations that have the bandwidth and inclination to sustain year-long Curated Artistic Engagements that engage with the public domain in Bangalore are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants must be based in Bangalore and the project has to be undertaken in Bangalore.

Who is eligible?

  • You are eligible to apply only if you are an Indian citizen.
  • Your collaborators, if any, too must be Indian citizens.

Budget: Up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh

Duration of the project: 8-10 activities have to take place at regular intervals within 12 months

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