Applications Invited for Refugee Leadership Alliance Pooled Pilot Fund

Applications Invited for Refugee Leadership Alliance Pooled Pilot Fund

Organization: Asia Pacific Network of Refugees (APNOR)

Apply By: 18 Dec 2022

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About the Organization

Asia Pacific Network of Refugees (APNOR) is the only region-wide refugee-led network of refugee-led initiatives in the Asia Pacific region that is working with and for refugees. APNOR was established in 2018, on the recommendation of Asia Pacific Summit of Refugees (APSOR), which brought together 104 representatives from refugee-led organizations in Asia to advocate for refugee agency & self-representation.

On 22 October 2018, the Asia Pacific Summit of Refugees (APSOR) brought together 104 representatives from refugee-led organizations, networks and communities residing in 10 host countries in the Asia Pacific region to discuss and plan for greater refugee participation in policy- and decision-making. This was the first opportunity of its kind for refugee leaders in the Asia Pacific region to come together to share experiences, network and discuss how to strengthen refugee self-representation at all levels (locally, regionally, and internationally).

The Asia Pacific Summit of Refugees followed on from discussions that took place in Geneva in June 2018 at the inaugural Global Summit of Refugees (GSOR). One of the key recommendations coming out of this Global Summit was for an “inclusive international platform for refugee participation and self-representation” to be established, “made up of a representative network of refugee community organizations, initiatives and change-makers from around the world”. In working towards the establishment of a representative international refugee-led advocacy network, a proposal was developed to hold regional-level discussions. The Asia Pacific region, through APSOR, was the first of these regional-level discussions.

About the Fund

We have established a RLO-to-RLO Fund—a fund for refugees by refugees—housed within Asia Pacific Network Of Refugees . We refugees around the world are the first and last people responding to our community’s needs . With direct funding and support we could do so much more. 

Despite doing this vital work, refugee-led organizations are desperately underfunded, and face bureaucratic hurdles . So, this fund will provide core funding directly to refugee-led organisations and initiatives (RLO/Is) working across Asia region , to gain recognition and access sustainable resources

We actively support domestic initiatives, particularly those that stand in meaningful solidarity with people who lack permanent protection.

The available funding is in two parts, one part will be administered via invitation and is called the RLO/I-to-RLO/I Flexible Enabler. While the second, called the Refugee Innovation Open Fund, will be made available through a competitive application process. The pilot will be used as a basis for future funding models within this space, and it is designed to follow best practice and enable participation, empowerment and capacity development.


To be eligible to apply for either of the funds available you must:

  • Be a refugee-led organisation/initiative
  • Be supporting or working directly with people and communities who have or are experiencing forced migration
  • Be located in the Asia-Pacific region

Who is not eligible

Applications cannot be accepted from people or organisations who:

  • Are a donor
  • Are not refugee-led
  • Are not a refugee leader
  • Are a government or government agency
  • Currently face criminal legal action

How to Apply

Choose the fund that you can apply for.

You can choose any of the three following methods to complete the application form:

Option 1: Submit via PDF or word document

  • Download the application form from here, or by emailing the Grant Coordinator directly on [grant.coordinator.apnor@gmail.com]. Complete the form and save as a PDF and submit it via email to the Grant Coordinator.

Option 2: Submit via online form

  • Access the application form online here or download a Word version from ‘Important Documents’ at the bottom of the page. Complete the application form and submit online.

Option 3: Submit via video or voice recording

  • Download the application form from here. Record a video or create a voice recording which answers all the questions in the form. Send this file to the Grants Coordinator via email [grant.coordinator.apnor@gmail.com]. If you would like to send via WhatsApp or similar, please email the Grant Coordinator to organise a call where we can discuss how to do this. Please ensure that if you use this method that you have consent written or verbal consent for the video from all those included, especially children.

Groups will need to complete the application form in full and in English in order to be eligible for the grants. If you believe that English could cause an issue for you, then please contact the Grant Coordinator [grant.coordinator.apnor@gmail.com] and we will try and find a solution for you.

Applications close: 18th December 2022

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