Applications Invited for Truepic 2022 Social Impact Grant

Applications Invited for Truepic 2022 Social Impact Grant

Organization: Truepic

Apply By: 31 Dec 2021

About the Organization

Truepic is the leading photo and video verification platform. We aim to accelerate business, foster a healthy civil society, and push back against disinformation. We do this by bolstering the value of authentic photos and videos while leading the fight against deceptive ones.

About the Grant

Through this grant, Truepic offers its flagship Vision platform to organizations working to positively impact their community or the world.

Truepic’s award-winning platform – Vision – helps organizations use authenticated images and videos to help secure elections, increase trust in citizen journalism, secure supply chains, reduce costs and risks associated with international and community development and more.  How will your organization change the world with authenticated images and videos?

Grant Terms

  • Selected organizations receive a minimum of one year of pro-bono development, use, support, and training of Truepic Vision’s premium platform.
  • Organizations demonstrating measurable success and real impact can extend grant for additional years.
  • This is an in-kind grant and there is no cash awarded.


Our grantees become our partners and we strive to help any way we can – even beyond technology.  Our first and foremost goal is to find those organizations whose problem can be solved (or helped) with our solution, this includes:

  • Proven and credible organizations working to positively impact their communities/world.
  • A clear understanding of how authenticated imagery and remote inspections will accelerate or assist your mission.
  • Plan on how you will measure impact.
  • We are interested in organizations operating at local and international levels (no mission is too small or too big!)


Dec 31, 2021

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