Applications Invited for Webs of Safety and Care Grant

Applications Invited for Webs of Safety and Care Grant

Organization: UAF A&P

Apply By: 15 Jul 2022

Grant Amount: 10000 USD

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About the Organization

UAF A&P supports the resilience and resistance of movements led by women and non-binary activists in Asia and the Pacific by co-creating a safe environment for them to sustain their work and thrive. Guided by feminist values, individuals, organisations, and their communities are provided urgent grants and strategic support to strengthen their safety and well-being.

About the Grant

UAF A&P’s Enabling Defenders Programme through its Webs of Safety and Care Grant (WSC Grant) intends to support women and non-binary organisations and their networks with resources to create community-based structures and resources through which they are able to build and strengthen their responses to  risks and threats they face. We recognize that it is essential for defenders to  seek respite, wellbeing and connection from a feminist and politicized lens. Such opportunities are few, especially in the Asia and Pacific region. Further, there are not enough opportunities for defenders to learn from each other and share their wisdom, grounded in their own knowledge and traditions, about how to care for and protect themselves and their communities. There are insufficient resources for local communities to build their own sustainable and effective responses.

The “Webs of Safety and Care” framework looks at safety and care of activists and defenders in a holistic way.  This means the framework looks at women and non-binary defenders as activists and defenders as well as recognising any other roles or identities they may hold. For this, it has identified four specific lenses under which overall risks and threat faced by defenders may be categorised: health and well-being, legal and political protection, economic viability and sustainable livelihood, and social and cultural support.

The different lenses allows activists and defenders to reflect on their lives beyond their identity as an activist and defender only and that how their other identities also impact on their safety, care and well-being. An example of how this framework has allowed an assessment of risk and support provided can be seen here.

WSC Grants seek to provide women and non-binary human rights defenders with sustained access to resources to support their holistic movement infrastructure for collective care, deepening their resilience, wellbeing and safety, that would sustain their lives and their long-term social change work.

Grant Size

Grant amount – up to USD 10,000 per grant is provided to those applications that have conducted complete safety and care analysis. The proposed plan to address the risks and threats is based on this analysis.

Grant amount up to USD 5000 per grant is provided to organisations and networks that are proposing to conduct a complete safety and care assessment of their organisation/ network or communities.


Women and non-binary activists and defender, their network and communities can propose initiative that:

  • include complete assessment of safety and care or is based on such assessment that have previously been conducted. The documentation of the holistic safety and care assessment may be required.
  • have clear link between the safety and care needs identified and how the proposed initiative will address them.
  • Have clear strategy of how the initiative will be implemented and what is expected as an outcome that is towards building or strengthening webs of safety and care for women and non-binary activists and defenders or their organsiations or networks.
  • that must be led/conducted by organisations, collectives and networks led by women and non-binary human rights defenders.
  • The initiatives as well as the organisations and networks must be supported by networks of human rights, women’s rights and other related networks at local or national levels. This includes UAF A&P network of Advisors and other partners.

How to Apply

  • Applications sought through invitation: previous grantees and other partners; recommended by Advisors. [Period of 4weeks]
  • Processing of application: This will include verification process through our Advisors and other trusted partners as well as their recommendations. [maximum of 4 weeks period since the application deadline]     
  • Decision by UAF A&P Working Group: approximately 6 weeks from the application deadline.


15 July 2022

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