Applications Invited for Wipro Education Grants Program 2021

Applications Invited for Wipro Education Grants Program 2021

Organization: Wipro

Apply By: 24 Apr 2021

Grant Amount: 6000000 INR

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About the Organization:

Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. In 2013, Wipro separated its non-IT businesses and formed the privately owned Wipro Enterprises.

Wipro Education Grants

Wipro Education Program has been engaged in building the capacities of important actors in the school education system to bring about the desired reform for close to two decades. They firmly believe that education is an enabler of social change. They envision a democracy where every citizen is empowered, not only in an individual capacity but also believes in the ethics of equity, the essentiality of diversity, the ethos of justice, and is driven by social sensitivity. Schools have to be the spaces that nurture these principles, capabilities, and values.

Good education must ensure the holistic development of the child in multiple dimensions to fulfill and expand their potential as they become active, contributing, and concerned citizens of the world. The numerous dimensions of development include cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and ethical abilities. Learning-to-learn, critical thinking, problem-solving, conceptual understanding, etc., are some of the other important facets of an effective education system.


Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and public institutions have played a critical role in improving school education through sustained work and a wide range of creative interventions. Their work has had a direct impact on the ground and has also led to shifts in educational discourse and practices. However, there is a continuing need for CSOs to address the evolving challenges of school education in the country.

Their approach is to support civil society organizations engaged in school education, to elevate the school learning experience.

They do this through various means, such as –

  • Providing grants of approx. 30 to 60 Lakhs, over three years, to enable the organizations to do focused on-the-ground work
  • Helping strengthen capacity on various educational, operational, and organizational aspects, through a strong network of Resource Organizations
  • Offering mentoring support from experienced practitioners and domain experts
  • Facilitating participation in a vibrant and diverse community of 130+ educational organizations, through thematic meets, partners’ forum, etc.

Please Note: Their Grant Support will not cover requests for running low-fee paying schools, infrastructure support, procurement of assets, sponsorship of students, and so on.


  • Organizations which are currently not being supported under Wipro Education Grants or Fellowship programs are eligible to apply.

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