Call for Consultants: Diversity study

Call for Consultants: Diversity study

Organization: A Reputed International Organization

Apply By: 22 Jan 2021

Diversity Study Call for Consultants - Terms of Reference


About the study:

A reputed international organization that works in the areas of education, arts and culture wishes to carry out a caste diversity study of its workforce. Broadly, the study objectives are as follows:

  • Understanding the profile of its workforce from a caste diversity perspective.
  • Understanding staff perceptions regarding how the organisation has performed on the caste/race ethnicity areas.
  • Understanding existing attitudes among staff pertaining to caste.

The recommendations from the study will feed into a global anti-racism action plan that has been developed in the context of the Black Lives Matter Movement. It is expected that the study recommendations will form the basis of policy making for the organisation in India. 


Consultant scope of work:

  • Designing the research methodology and study tools.
  • Data collation and analysis
  • Report writing (including preparing a PPT with infographics).



  • Ensuring anonymity of respondents is a crucial element that must be considered in this study.
  • The consultant is required to prepare three drafts. Feedback will be provided for each draft of the report. The third would be the final draft. 


Eligibility criteria:

  • Experience and track record of conducting social research
  • Strong understanding of caste dynamics in India, especially with regards to caste in the workplace
  • Ability to work within tight timelines 

Privacy Notice:

The hiring organisation is mandated by legal considerations to protect privacy of personal data that is collected, processed or controlled by its vendors. This could mean that the selected candidate might have to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would restrict them from naming or publishing the research in in any forms and forums.

Application deadline: 22 January 2021



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