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EOI - CIF’s Nature, People and Climate Investment Program

EOI - CIF’s Nature, People and Climate Investment Program

Organization: Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

Apply By: 01 Aug 2022

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About the Organization

CIF is one of the world's largest and most ambitious multilateral climate finance mechanisms for developing countries seeking to shift to low carbon and climate resilient development, and to accelerate climate action. Its launch in 2008 emerged from recognition by world leaders that climate change and development are inextricably intertwined, and that climate-smart investment is needed at scale to deliver on the opportunities for green growth identified in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

Working in partnership with governments, the private sector, civil society, local communities, and six major multilateral development banks (MDBs), CIF provides highly competitive financing that reduces risk for investors, lowering barriers to piloting new technologies, scaling up proven solutions, opening up sustainable markets, and mobilizing private sector capital for climate action. Rallying stakeholders behind increasingly ambitious climate goals and complementary action, CIF draws in diverse partners who might otherwise be deterred from investing alone.

About the Program

CIF’s Nature, People and Climate Investment Program will tackle in an integrated manner, the multiple drivers and impacts of climate change resulting from human activities on land resources and ecosystems services. By working with multilateral development banks as implementing agencies, fostering strategic partnerships, and deploying scaled-up and flexible concessional capital, the program aims to support multi-sectoral solutions, including the creation of enabling environments and direct investments for improved use of land, coastal and other natural resources.

The program is premised on a landscape approach that will enable CIF recipient governments and implementing partners to deliver core climate results (GHG mitigation, resilience strengthening of lands and communities), while also generating improved livelihoods, biodiversity conservation, and disaster risk reduction among other benefits. The program seeks to contribute progress towards sustainable, just and equitable rural development.


Eligibility to participate in the NPC Investment Program is determined by the approved CIF Country Selection Process policy.

All countries that meet the following criteria can submit an EoI:

 Country is eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA) at the time of the call(s) for EoI.

 Country must have an active lending program with at least one of CIF’s partner MDBs.

 The Proposed line of actions contribute to one or more of the following Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change:

  • Conserving, sustainably managing, or restoring natural ecosystems or enhancing forest, coastal, or soil carbon stocks, while supporting rural livelihoods and conserving biodiversity;
  • Improving agricultural productivity through practices that reduce GHG emissions, and/or strengthen the resilience of lands and rural communities to the impacts of climate change, while supporting rural livelihoods;
  • Protecting or restoring coastal and/or other inland water-related ecosystems while reducing GHG emissions and/or strengthen the resilience of lands and rural communities to the impacts of climate change, and developing livelihood options for local communities;
  • Addressing the climate vulnerability of coastal systems and communities.

How to Apply

If your country is interested in accessing funding for the NPC Investment Program, kindly submit an EoI by the closing date of August 01, 2022.

Further details on the Program, eligibility criteria, country selection process and next steps, can be found here.

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