EOI- for Implementation Of Prevention Of Trafficking Model

EOI- for Implementation Of Prevention Of Trafficking Model

Organization: British Asian Trust

Apply By: 15 Nov 2021

About the British Asian Trust

The British Asian Trust is a diaspora-led international development organisation, that delivers high-quality programmes in South Asia. The Trust was founded in 2007, by HRH The Prince of Wales and a group of British Asian business leaders, to tackle widespread poverty, inequality and injustice in South Asia. The British Asian Trusts ’s focus areas in India are anti-trafficking, education, livelihoods, mental health, and conservation.

Prevention of Trafficking model

The British Asian Trust is looking to test a Prevention of Trafficking (PoT) model, previously developed by the Hummingbird Foundation (HBF) and now incubated by us. This model has been previously rolled out in districts of North and South 24 Parganas of West Bengal with implementing partners. We will now be implementing it in three new? districts to explore the efficacy of the model in a different geographical context, and test its effectiveness in reducing vulnerabilities linked to trafficking.

The PoT model aims to reduce the vulnerabilities that contribute to trafficking incidents through a sustainable, community-owned multi-stakeholder child safety net approach. Building the capacities of all stakeholders can promote joint community action and increase the accountability of the anti-trafficking ecosystem, thereby contributing to reducing trafficking. The model should incorporate learning and evidence to demonstrate its effectiveness and challenges.

Young people, who are the main stakeholders, are collectivised and trained to identify and take social actions to address various issues that increase their vulnerabilities at three levels i) personal ii) family and iii) community, thus resulting in incidents of trafficking. The collectives are safe spaces for young people to come together and discuss personal or peer child protection issues and avail strategic solutions.

Additionally, parents, community based institutions, and local governance are also included as an important collaborator to support young people, thereby forming a community level safety net. Thus, the model theorises that young people and all other stakeholders need to work together to combat trafficking.

Scope of Work:

The British Asian Trust is seeking Expression of Interest (EoI) from non-profit entities legally registered in India and with a presence in one or more of the three districts of Murshidabad, Jalpaiguri and North 24 Parganas of West Bengal.

The selected organisations will implement the PoT model, test out learnings from the earlier phase, and improve upon the model with the British Asian Trust with adequate evidence on impact.  

The deliverables for the organisation include but are not limited to:

Complete roll out of the PoT Model which includes:

  • Conduct capacity building trainings on a pre-developed structured curriculum (with necessary customisation if required) with young people.
  • Conduct training sessions with different stakeholders such as Community Based Institutions (CBIs), local governance, and families of the young people etc.
  • Network and liaise with various Govt. and community stakeholders such as parents, religious and local influential leaders etc. and get their support and buy-in for the PoT Model.
  • Form and activate a multi-stakeholder child safety net that will be an integral part of the PoT model as already mentioned above.
  • Ensure measurement and reporting of project progress in terms of indicators through the British Asian Trust’s Results framework.
  • Ensure effective use of monitoring data to strategise project actions and decision making.
  • Ensure the timely completion of evaluations with the British Asian Trust at regular intervals to assess impact of the intervention.


  • Entities should be non-profit organisations legally registered in India and with an established presence in Murshidabad, Jalpaiguri and North 24 Parganas districts of West Bengal.
  • The organisation should have experience of working on child protection/trafficking/youth development programmes.
  • Have strong community presence and adequate experience of working with local governance and other community stakeholders.
  • Have adequate experience of networking and liaising with government stakeholders.
  • Have robust Human Resources Management Systems.
  • Have robust Management Systems.

Application procedure:

Eligible agencies must apply by filling in the attached form for Expression of Interest (given below) and send the same to Prog@britishasiantrust.org on or before 15th November 2021

An Applicant should clearly highlight in their EoI the name of a block that is vulnerable to child trafficking or similar child protection issues in any one of the above mentioned districts of West Bengal. While mentioning the block, they should also clearly elaborate on why this particular block is considered to be highly vulnerable. (Note: It is important to note that the block cannot be the same where the applicant is already implementing a programme).  

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