RFP - Consultancy firm to provide Capacity Building Support for Health Staff including Nurses under Meghalaya Health Systems Strengthening Project

RFP - Consultancy firm to provide Capacity Building Support for Health Staff including Nurses under Meghalaya Health Systems Strengthening Project

Organization: Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Meghalaya

Apply By: 29 Sep 2022

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About the Organization

The State Department for Health and Family Welfare under the Minister for Health and Family Welfare is responsible for maintaining and developing the health care system in the State and guiding and supervising the Health and Family Welfare Programmes in the State. The services offered by the department are Preventive Health Care Services, Promotive Health Care Services, Routine Curative Services, and Rehabilitation Services etc. The activities of the department include establishment and maintenance of medical institutions with necessary infrastructure, implementation of National Disease Control and Eradication Programmes, Control of communicable as well as non communicable diseases, etc.

About the Proposal

The Government of Meghalaya is committed to improving the health status of its citizens. Despite considerable challenges, the state has shown progress in various health indicators over the last decades. To further accelerate the progress, the Department of Health and Family Welfare (DoHFW), Government of Meghalaya with technical and financial support from the World Bank, is implementing ‘Meghalaya Health Systems Strengthening Project’ (MHSSP) in the state. The MHSSP intends to improve accountability, quality and utilization of health services in Meghalaya, especially among public facilities at primary health center (PHC), community health center (CHC) and district hospital levels. In order to achieve its objectives, the MHSSP will over the next five years adopt a systems approach to combine results-based financing and input-based financing with the aim of achieving enhanced performance management in the public sector. The project activities are structured across 4 broad components as follows:

  • Component 1: Improve accountability and strengthen governance through Internal performance agreements
  • Component 2: Strengthen Systems to Sustain Quality of health service
  • Component 3: Increase coverage and utilization of quality health services
  • Component 4: Contingent Emergency Response Component


The assignment will enable MHSSP to achieve its objective to improve the efficiency and accountability in delivering day-to-day activities at Health Facilities at the State and District levels by developing clinical and techno-managerial skills of medical officers, block and district level officials, including the nursing cadre of the Health Department of the State, and imbibing in each trainee the requisite skills needed for carrying out their job responsibilities. The main objectives of the assignment are:

  • Establish a sustainable mechanism within the State Health System, for training in managerial and technical skills through the implementation of capacity-building activities, which shall be followed by continuous supervision by the agency during the assignment period.
  • Documenting a comprehensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA) which will be the base of future training or upskilling which shall be done in conjunction with the existing state training resources and state training consultant prior to implementation.
  • Mentoring of health staff by the agency and the Master Trainers (pool of trainers from within the State Health System trained by the agency who are made competent to deliver the training under the tutelage of the agency) developed during the contract period. A comprehensive capacity-building framework for all participants is expected to be in place prior to the onset of any training and capacity-building activities and the agency will ensure that all such activities are to be done by involving the State Training Centre at every level. Draft #2 of File DHS/P-3/MHSSP/CS-2(A)/2022-23 Approved by Project Director on 08-Sep-2022 12:00 PM - Page 1 agency will ensure that all such activities are to be done by involving the State Training Centre at every level.
  • Development and integration of specific competency-based modules with ongoing training programs are required for all health staff with special emphasis on maternal and child health such as Mother care (Dakshata) and Child care in accordance with the State Training Team or other State Training Agency.
  • Assist in developing an overall training plan, curriculum, and course modules along with training materials by ensuring utilization of innovative training techniques rather than traditional lecture methods, such as handson training, Skill Lab, and participative and experiential learning.


The Meghalaya Health Systems Strengthening Project invites eligible consulting “Firms” to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are:

  • The firm should be in business for the last ten years. (Copies of registration, PAN, TAN, GST or any other relevant registrations etc. to be enclosed)
  • The firm should have an average annual turnover of INR Ten Crore or more in the last three financial years (2019 - 20, 2020 – 21, and 2021 - 22)
  • The firm must have at least eight years of experience working in the learning and development sector (preferably related to health) and facilitating training, development of training plan, Curriculum, and Course Modules along with training materials at the state and national levels.The firm must have at least
  • three contract assignments in the past five years related to capacity buildingsimilar to the assignment scope with a contract value of at least INR One Crore and above.The firm must have experience in
  • developing and rolling out large-scale training programs preferably inthe health sector (preferably with adult learning training and coaching).The firm should have experience in developing training
  • modules, identifying and coaching mastertrainers, and imparting technical support and capacity
  • building.The firm should have experience working on similar assignments related to capacity building in Northeast India. Knowledge of the health system particularly in North Eastern Region will be an added advantage.
  • The firm should not have an unsatisfactory track record resulting in adverse action taken by Central/State Governments in India (an undertaking must be submitted)

Scope of work

Statement of the Assignment: Focussing on the need for improving the skills of health staff in the State, the capacity-building program of the health force is enumerated as follows:

  • Liaison with State Training Centre, training agencies, and existing state modules in the development of training modules while parallelly conducting the Training Needs Assessment. agency will assess the existing level of competency of MOs, ANMs and Nursing cadre in select clinical and techno-managerial aspects to ensure augmentation of existing training modules. The agency is to ensure that the mechanism of training is to be integrated seamlessly with other ongoing trainings in the State and the same should be indicated in the training calendar.
  • On basis of the TNA conducted, the agency shall propose for development of an application for training that will be need-based and subject-relevant. The agency is to however ensure that such applications have sufficient shelf life in the IT or training environment to negate any sustainability issue that may arise. It is also expected that the agency will follow-up participants on each module so as to assess the skill level and help decide on re-skilling of staff wherever needed.
  • Medical Officers and nursing staff are undergoing an induction program of approx 24 days and the agency will be involved in the planning of the induction program and integrating the proposed modules which will include administrative and clinical skills training. This Plan has to be submitted and accepted before execution of the program, including administrative, nonclinical, and clinical skills through Skills Labs. This training will be incorporated in all the verticals and existing national programs of the Department.
  • Senior Medical & Nursing Staff in the Govt. services require administrative, techno-managerial, and program implementation skills including requisite soft skills. These would include Medical superintendents, all DM&HO/ADM&HO/SDM&HO including Senior M&HOs, all Nodal Heads/Doctors present in the 3 Directorates – MI, MCH, and Research, and nursing tutors and superintendents from Government Institutions. They will require training in the Management of Healthcare Institutions which will cover domain-specific knowledge, relevant IT applications, concepts, equipment, etc. (Approximately 547 MOs and around 2,200 nursing cadre)
  • The agency is to contribute to the design and updating of any clinical and techno-managerial aspect of training.
  • District Programme Managers (NHM/MHIS), Block Programme Managers (NHM), and Quality Managers of Meghalaya will require management skills concerning their work domains. This would include training pertaining to, accounts, administration, financial management, computer applications, biomedical waste management, and other felt needs emerging out of the Training Need Assessment (TNA) carried out pursuant to this Assignment. (22 DPMs, 39 BPMs, and 12 Quality Managers)
  • G. Identifying potential Master Trainers at the end of the 2nd year of the contract period and further developing their competencies in various aspects like presentation skills, reporting skills, etc to ensure continuity of training activities.
  • H. All training modules are to be developed in consultation with the State Training Resource Centre or Training Agency while simultaneously putting in place a training calendar for all participants by ensuring such trainings are not conflicting with existing trainings under various programs of the State. An effort should be made to look into the ever-changing dynamics in Draft #2 of File DHS/P-3/MHSSP/CS-2(A)/2022-23 Approved by Project Director on 08-Sep-2022 12:00 PM - Page 6 day-to-day activities in the health universe and specific modules to address such changes should be included in the training modules. Apart from placing a comprehensive Training Calendar for participants with regular reporting of assessment and feedback (Training Report), the agency shall ensure the baseline is followed up with midline and end-line assessments for trainees.
  • The agency shall be engaged with the State Training Agencies to strengthen the skill labs in the state and also facilitate exposure visits of the identified master trainers or potential candidates to advance Skill Labs along with the possibility of setting up advance skill labs in the State.
  • J. Facilitation of exposure visits (national and international) of selected participants to states and/ or countries with similar health systems as that of Meghalaya (250 people approx). The State department shall bear the logistics of travel and stay arrangements as needed.

How to Apply

Expressions of Interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below through registered post/speed post/ courier/ by hand by 3:00 PM of 29th September, 2022.

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