RFP - Developing Leadership and mentoring Curriculum for the Community Health Officers (CHOs)

RFP - Developing Leadership and mentoring Curriculum for the Community Health Officers (CHOs)

Organization: Jhpiego

Apply By: 25 Sep 2020

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RFP - Developing Leadership and mentoring Curriculum for the Community Health Officers (CHOs)

About the Organization:

Jhpiego is a nonprofit global health leader and Johns Hopkins University affiliate that is saving lives, improving health and transforming futures. They partner with governments, health experts and local communities to build the skills and systems that guarantee a healthier future for women and families. Jhpiego translates the best science and practice into moments of care that can mean the difference between life and death for women and families.  In India, Jhpiego works across various states in close collaboration with national and state governments, providing technical assistance in the areas of family planning, maternal and child health, strengthening human resources for health, and non-communicable diseases.

About NISHTHA Project:

NISHTHA is a flagship health systems strengthening project supported by USAID and being implemented by Jhpiego. NISHTHA aims to transform, redesign and re-engineer primary healthcare in India to meet the goals of provisioning equitable, comprehensive and client-centred primary health care that contributes to improved health outcomes for India’s marginalized and vulnerable populations, especially women and girls.


CHO Leadership and Mentoring Curriculum aims to transform selected good performing CHOs into competent and confident leaders of the primary health care teams for provision of quality health care to the targeted communities, through well-functioning HWCs.


  • To develop and enhance leadership skills of the CHOs
  • To recognize and reward well performing CHOs through building their leadership skills
  • To develop a peer mentoring model for CHOs and thereby, explore possible opportunities of career progression for CHOs

Scope of work:

The overall scope of work for the partner agency will consist of design, development of content for Learning Resource Package (LRP) on Mentoring and Leadership for strengthening the capacities of CHOs for providing mentoring and leadership to peer CHOs. Train the master trainers (around 100) on imparting the training to CHOs selected for the training in future. Develop assessment mechanism for participating CHOs and certification for the CHO Leaders upon successful training

Development of content for the LRP (content with Facilitator’s guide, training modules, slide decks, handouts and training tools)

  • The content needs to be developed as per the broad outline proposed
  • The broad topics list for LRP is provided in Annexure -1 along with this SOW
  • The agency can suggest additional topics as per their experience.
  • The agency can suggest innovative methods for imparting training both for the face to face training and virtual online training in view of COVID-19 pandemic situation
  • The content needs to be easy to understand and comprehend and in line with the profile of CHOs
  • The content needs to be in English and in simple/ lucid language.
  • The contents need to be developed in the form of Training Modules, Facilitators Guide, Presentations slide deck and any other resource materials such as handouts, as required
  • Along with training content, relevant training tools/ aids such as drills, simulation scenarios, case studies, role plays, group activities, assignments etc. for making training interactive and engaging
  • The content needs to be in a way which can be adopted for face to face training, virtual trainings etc. considering the current pandemic situation in the country
  • The content needs to be developed in close collaboration with NISHTHA team
  • The contents would be reviewed and approved by NISHTHA-Jhpiego to begin with and then by USAID/Government. NISHTHA will be responsible for getting review and inputs done through USAID and Government.

Training of Master Trainers (around 100) basis the approved LRP

  • Selected agency/institution would be responsible for training of Master Trainers basis the approved LRP
  • Three batches of ToTs would be organized (around 30-35 participants in each batch)
  • The training would be through face to face training or virtual platform depending on the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation. However, the agency may only budget the cost of  resource persons for conducting the trainings and not for organization of the ToTs. In case of face to face trainings, the cost of conducting and organizing the ToTs will be directly borne by NISHTHA.

Training completion assessment (mechanism and tools)

  • The agency would be responsible for developing the mechanism of immediate assessing and evaluating the participants CHOs basis the LRP
  • The agency would also be responsible for developing mechanism for periodic assessment of the skills acquired by participants CHOs after the training
  • The agency should propose the tools for the assessment. NISHTHA team will review and approve the tools
  • The assessment methodology, mechanism, tools would be finalized in consultation with NISHTHA team

Certification of graduating candidates (CHO Leaders)

  • The agency should develop the mechanism of certification for graduating CHOs after the successful passing of training assessment.
  • The certificate should be from a reputed institution
  • The agencies applying can tie up with the reputed institutions for the certifications during project period
  • The agency should get the design of certificate reviewed and approved from NISHTHA
  • The agency would need to support for the mechanism of certification for two years and suggest a transition mechanism to the Government at the end of two years


  • Modular Learning Resource Package (LRP)
  • Training of master trainers
  • Mechanisms and tools developed for assessment/evaluation of participants CHOs
  • Mechanism for Certification of graduating candidates (CHO Leaders) developed and implemented

Submission Address:

Email: Jhpprocure16@gmail.com

Email: Sudhir.patel@jhpiego.org Mr. Sudhir Kumar Patel, (For queries only), Office Telephone: Tel: +91 11-49575100

Deadline: On or before 17:00 hrs on September 25, 2020

Detailed Scope of Work (SOW) is available here

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