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RFP - Developing and Piloting Climate Information Systems at Gram Panchayat (GP) Level for selected GPs in West Sikkim District (Sikkim) and Uttarkashi District (Uttarakhand)

RFP - Developing and Piloting Climate Information Systems at Gram Panchayat (GP) Level for selected GPs in West Sikkim District (Sikkim) and Uttarkashi District (Uttarakhand)

Organization: UNDP

Apply By: 12 Jul 2022

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About the Organization

As the United Nations lead agency on international development, UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and to build resilience to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Our work is concentrated in three focus areas; sustainable development, democratic governance and peace building, and climate and disaster resilience.

About the Proposal

Analyzing vulnerability to climate change is critical for defining the risks posed by climate variability and laying the foundation for building resilience. When done in participatory mode with communities, it enables practitioners and decision‐makers to identify the most vulnerable areas, sectors, and social groups to plan for and implement targeted and context specific strategies to strengthen the resilience of these at‐risk communities and systems.

 To address the aforementioned issues, UNDP India is implementing the project titled “Leveraging Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to achieve net‐zero emissions and climate‐resilient development”. The project aims to strengthen climate information services (CIS) for communities in the highly risk‐prone Himalayan state of Sikkim and Uttarakhand, where climate induced disasters like flash floods, cloud bursts, landslides, water scarcity, food security issues and others are among many of the already felt climate‐induced impacts. The availability and accessibility of weather data in an easily understandable format would help in reducing risks through improved planning, allowing them to build their adaptive capacities and manage their resources more effectively. The project aims for hazard, risks and vulnerability assessment in 30 Gram Panchayats (15 each in Uttarkashi and West Sikkim districts). In addition, the project will show how to use tailored climate services to enable livelihoods and/or improve natural resource management in 4 (four) Gram Panchayats (GPs) each in West Sikkim district (Sikkim) and Uttarkashi district (Uttarakhand).  

 The project intends to build awareness and strengthen the institutional, scientific, and technical capacities for the effective implementation of the climate change strategy at Block and Gram Panchayat level in Sikkim and Uttarakhand.  


The overall aim of the participatory hazard, risk, vulnerability assessment (HRVA) is to provide a context for incorporating climate change concerns and related hazards/risks into planning, implementation, and decision making process of the State Governments as well as the communities. Based on this context, the assignment has three objectives:

  • To undertake participatory hazard, risks, vulnerability assessment (HRVA) for 15 GPs of the West Sikkim Districts and 15 GPs of Uttarkashi districts (risk/impacts, vulnerability and adaptation gap analysis).
  • Map the current weather and climate information services being provided to the communities in these districts and design a more suitable climate information service (including the type(s) of information, channel/ mode for information dissemination, frequency and language) based on the needs of the community and the risks due to climate change.  
  • To undertake climate informed planning in conjunction with the communities, in at least four GPs, to identify suitable adaptation strategies to enhance the resilience of the communities.   


  • Inception report with detailed methodology
  • Vulnerability Assessment reports along with adaptation strategies for 30 Gram Panchayats in West Sikkim and Uttarkashi districts
  • Report on Climate Information System (CIS) in four GPs in West Sikkim and four GPs in Uttarkashi.  
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment report 
  • Consultation workshop and reports


  • The lead agency (in case of consortium / JV) must have at least 10 years of experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research in the field of multi‐hazard, risk, and climate vulnerability assessment in India.  
  • The agency/consortium should have completed minimum five (5) projects or similar assignments in India at sub‐national levels, that need to be submitted, or links provided with completion certificates/third‐party assessment reports as proof.
  • The agency/consortium should have proven experience of developing and implementing at least 2 projects on weather/climate information services and/or early warning systems in India

How to Apply

Proposals may be submitted on or before the deadline indicated by UNDP in the e‐tendering system. Proposals must be submitted in the online e‐tendering system in the following link: https://etendering.partneragencies.org using your username and password. If you have not registered in the system before, you can register now by logging in using:

  • Username: event.guest
  • Password: why2change

 and follow the registration steps as specified in the system user guide.

 Your Proposal must be expressed in English language, and valid for a minimum period of Ninety (90) days.

 You are kindly requested to indicate whether your company intends to submit a Proposal by clicking on “Accept Invitation”. 

 In the course of preparing and submitting your Proposal, it shall remain your responsibility to ensure that it is submitted into the system by the deadline. The system will automatically block and not accept any bid after the deadline. Kindly ensure that supporting documents required are signed and in the pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files.

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