RFP - Empanelment of Consultancy Organizations

RFP - Empanelment of Consultancy Organizations

Organization: Agriculture Skill Council of India

Apply By: 19 May 2022

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About the Organization

Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) is a Section 25 Company of Indian Companies Act 1965 (Section 8 as per the companies act 2013) formed under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model and recognized by the National Council for Vocational and Education Training (NCVET) as an Awarding and Certifying Body.

ASCI, through this Request for Proposal (RFP), seeks to empanel vendors/ consultancy organizations (referred as Bidder in the rest of the document) with relevant experience and capabilities to develop content (trainee learning material) for qualifications developed by ASCI based on Qualification Pack (QP) and Model Curriculum (MC)” for ASCI in the Agriculture and Allied Sector and approved by NCVET, the skill training regulator, Government of India

About the Proposal

QPs are prepared in collaboration / concurrence with Industry, Academia, Universities, Government / Private vocational Institutions , Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Line Ministry (Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare , Ministry of Fishery, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Ayush Ministry, Ministry of Transport and Shipping, DGCA etc. and duly approved by overarching Government of India regulatory authority ‘National Council for Vocational & Education Training (NCVET)’, for vocational education in skilling ecosystem, based on the demand - supply gap in industries and for self - entrepreneurship opportunities.

To ensure standardization and quality in training, content for study by trainees isrequired to be prepared based on the approved qualification packs and their model curriculums(termed as Participant Handbook or PHB). In addition, separate content comprising of techniques and tools for facilitating learning is required to be prepared for capacity building of the trainers as part of adult learning (Referred as Facilitator Guide or FG).

The purpose of this RFP is therefore to develop skilling content in both English and Hindi language based on the approved QP-NOSs for the identified roles/occupations in Agriculture and Allied Sector in India in the NSDC prescribed format.

Scope of Work

The scope of this work shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following tasks:

  • Development of content for ASCI developed Qualification Pack (QP) and Model Curriculum (MC) which have been approved by National Council for Vocational and Education Training (NCVET). The soft copy of the all the reference documents (Qualification Pack and Model Curriculum) and the prescribed format will be shared by ASCI for facilitation in preparing the skilling books.
  • Detailed information for the Qualification Pack / Model curriculum for the content to be developed could be accessed from https://asci-india.com/National%20Occupation%20Standards.php.
  • The list of Job roles proposed for content development is mentioned in Annexure B. (Pls. note that mentioned list of job roles is not exhaustive for content development. It is at the discretion of ASCI to change /enhance number of job roles and assign to the successful bidder as per the evaluation criteria in the RFP.)
  • Creation of content for Participant Handbook (PHB) must be accompanied by necessary activities and Exercises (Both Subjective and Objective). Facilitator Guides (FGs) will be developed along with detailed session wise Training Delivery Plan (TDP) which will form part of FG and is to be prepared as per prescribed format approved by NSDC/MSDE. A PPT has also to be prepared for each of the developed content.
  • In addition, provision of 10 online links for freely available learning materials in the form of you tube videos and PPT for respective Job roles related to the qualification both in Hindi and English would be desirable for embedding in the contents for all job roles.
  • Language of Content: The content is required to be developed in both English and Hindi and submitted to ASCI post proof reading and vetting by the subject matter experts.
  • The books for each mentioned job role developed in Hindi language should be prepared in ‘Kruti dev 010 and 011’ fonts and submitted in the prescribed format of NSDC. Similarly, only prescribed fonts and format need to be adhered for development of the content in English language.
  • The maximum timeline for the completion of assignment is 16 weeks for all allotted Job roles from the date of signing of the contract.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the bidder organization to hire any professional, instructional design experts and SME with domain knowledge for each of Job Roles to complete the project on time in desired quality as spelt out in the guidelines and scope of work.
  • The prepared material needs to be thoroughly reviewed for editing and copyediting, instructional designing, endorsed/validated from minimum 5 industry experts.
  • The prepared material should be submitted only post complete review for editing and copyediting, instructional designing.
  • All content is required be submitted by ASCI to the government under ‘Creative Commons’,therefore copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the entire content developed under the contract shall vest and remain with the ASCI for which separate “No Objection Certificate” has to be agreed and signed by bidder organization at the time of submission of the content, mentioning that all the content belongs to ASCI.
  • The bidder organization shall agree to grant to ASCI the exclusive and transferable right and provide plagiarism free content in book and digital format for any kind of purpose of sale, research, teaching and private study. A plagiarism report and certificate has to be shared by bidder while sharing the content.
  • The content of PHB should have adequate pictographic with high resolution images / flowcharts/infographics /steps and procedures with minimum text keeping in view the learner education level. Original images/ pictures from the Indian context are to be included. All images, photographs, charts, tables, graphics etc. will be labeled and linked to the appropriate chapter / RFP FOR SKILLING CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Page 8 of 23 paragraph. Only high resolution pictures and images will be used and also have to be shared in separate folder with ASCI to ensure high quality print.
  • In case of using any figure, quote, image, photograph in the content of any other author / source, it is mandatory to cite original source by the bidder. It will be responsibility of the bidder to seek permission / obtain copyright clearance. The proof of permission should be submitted.
  • The latest data/information used should be from valid sources and duly mentioned.
  • The entire content for the job role has to be precise and in alignment with respective QP and MC. (However, relevant / additional information beyond the QP / MC may be included). All mathematical figures / measurements quoted within the content will be in metric format.
  •  All the content (both PHB and FG) in word and pdf versions(after designing) as well as CDR files (print ready) will be shared with ASCI either through mail / in CD.
  • The content should be gender neutral and usable across different zones of the country.
  • Post submission of content developed under the contract, no part of the content will be reproduced, shared in any form (print/digital) with third party without written permission to ASCI.


  • Proposer organization should have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) of from Income Tax authorities. (Consortium not eligible to apply).  
  • Should be legally incorporated entity under Indian law to participate in the bid. Indian entities, with prior experience in similar activity will be considered for submitting bid. (Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) / single proprietorship organizations will be ineligible to apply / bid.)
  • Copy of Registration Certificate and Memorandum of Association will be forwarded with application. (Additionally, as part of verification process ASCI may request for PAN, TAN, GST, IT return, Aadhar or other support document etc.)
  • For the purpose of ‘bids’ entities having several ‘sister’ concerns with the same / shared management can apply only as a single applicant. Applications from other concerns with shared management will NOT be regarded as separate applicants.
  • The consultancy firm hired should have demonstrated professional capacity required for desired deliverables of the Assignment.
  • Should have a clear understanding and exposure to skilling eco-system in India
  • Any organization that has been blacklisted by any central / state government at the time of submitting bid will be ineligible.
  • Bidder should have a positive financial turnaround for the last 3 years. Startups may apply, however acceptance of their bid will be subject to additional verifications / satisfaction of ASCI regarding their capability to undertake the assignment.  
  • Project personnel may be required to stay and travel to accomplish the Assignment without any reimbursement from ASCI.  
  • ASCI reserves the right to carry out the capability assessment of the Proposer and the decision of the ASCI shall be final in this regard.
  • Acceptance certificate towards this clause (5.1) must be submitted along with the bid proposal.
  • Only those Organization (s) need to apply who are able to undertake minimum five job roles/ QPs for content development.
  • Organization (s) having capacity to develop the content in Hindi Language in prescribed fonts (Kruti dev 10,11) need only apply.


19th May, 2022

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