RFP - Selection of Agency for ‘Preparation of DPR for Skill University in the State of Assam’ for Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM)

RFP - Selection of Agency for ‘Preparation of DPR for Skill University in the State of Assam’ for Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM)

Organization: Assam Skill Development Mission - Govt. of Assam

Apply By: 01 Jul 2020

RFP for Selection of agency for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for establishing a state of art Skills University in Assam

About the Organization:

Assam Skill Development Mission is registered under Society Act in 2015 and is working under newly created Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Department, Govt. of Assam with the visions of capacity building of unemployed youth and to deliver quality skill training leading to meaningful employment to stimulate economy of the state. Their mission is to enhance global competitiveness of Assam


Assam Skill Development Mission, hereinafter referred to as ASDM, invites response to this Request for Proposal (RFP) document from interested and eligible bidders for submission of their technical and commercial proposals for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for establishing a state of art Skill University in Assam in accordance with the conditions and manner prescribed in this RFP document through e-tender process at www.assamtenders.gov.in.

Any proposal received by ASDM after the deadline for submission of proposals as mentioned in section 1.3 ‘Bidding Data Sheet’ of the document shall be summarily rejected and returned unopened to the bidder(s). No further correspondence whatsoever on the subject shall be entertained.

Bidder Qualification

  • The "Bidder" as used in the RFP shall mean the one who has signed the Bid Forms, which are part of Technical and Commercial bids. The bidder may be either the Principal Officer or his duly Authorized Representative, in either cases he/she shall submit a Certificate of Authority. All certificates and documents (including any clarifications sought and any subsequent correspondences) received hereby, shall, as far as possible, be furnished and signed by the authorized representative and the Principal Officer.
  • The Bidder as used shall be a Business Entity.
  • It is further clarified that the individual signing the RFP or other documents in connection with the bid must certify whether he/she signs as the Constituted Attorney of the Company.
  • The authorization shall be indicated by written Power of Attorney accompanying the Qualification Bid.
  • The bidder should be a profitable entity for the last three financial years.
  • The bidder should have successfully completed/executing at-least one similar scope of work as part of the pre-qualification criteria for this RFP.

Instructions for Technical Bid Preparation

  • The bidder must address their project execution strategy in details in line with section 4.3‘Implementation Schedule’ mentioned in this RFP.
  • The Technical Bid should contain a detailed description of how the bidder will conduct required services as outlined in this RFP. It should articulate in detail, as to how the bidder’s proposed solution meets the requirements specified in the RFP.
  • The Technical Bid shall not contain any pricing information.
  • Proposals must be direct, concise, and complete. All information not directly relevant to this RFP should be omitted. ASDM will evaluate bidder’s proposal based upon its clarity and the directness of its response to the requirements of the project as outlined in this RFP.
  • Unnecessarily elaborate brochures or other promotional materials beyond those sufficient to present a complete and effective proposal are considered undesirable and may be construed as an indication of the bidder’s lack of cost consciousness. ASDM’s interest is in the quality and responsiveness of the proposal.
  • Manpower deployment: Selected bidder must deploy personnel with requisite qualification and sufficient experience as per the scope mentioned under this RFP.

Instructions for Commercial Bid Preparation

  • Unless expressly indicated, bidder shall not include any technical information regarding the services in the commercial bid.
  • Prices shall be quoted entirely in Indian National Rupees (INR).
  • No adjustment of the contract price shall be made on account of any variations in costs of labor and materials or any other cost component affecting the total cost in fulfilling the obligations under the contract.
  • The price should be quoted inclusive of all taxes, duties, and charges and levies as applicable.
  • The prices, once offered, must remain fixed and must not be subject to escalation for any reason whatsoever within the period of project.
  • Discount, if any, must be merged with the quoted prices and not indicated separately. Any discount offered separately shall not be taken into account for evaluation purpose.

Post Qualification and Award Criteria

  • The Best Evaluated Bidder according to QCBS evaluation will be considered first for award of contract by ASDM. The firm achieving the highest Total Score (TS) will be invited for award of work.
  • An affirmative determination will be a prerequisite for award of the Contract to the Bidder. A negative determination will result in rejection of the Bidder's bid, in that event, ASDM will proceed to the next Best Evaluated Bidder to make a similar determination  of that Bidder's capabilities to perform satisfactorily

Terms of Reference(TOR)

In order to combat the unemployment scenario of the state and to offer the youth in the state an organized platform of skill development for sustenance of livelihood, the Assam Government has proposed to set up a Skill University. The aim of setting up the University is to offer candidates practical, hands-on training in manufacturing & services sector and also to set up industry/employer linkage as a boost to the skills development eco-system in the state.

Apart from employment opportunities formation of a Skill University will help skill development acquire an aspirational value and social acceptability in the society and the economy. Skill University is expected to provide an avenue for technical education in the Skill Development space and help harness the state’s competence in the skill development space.

The objective of this project is to develop the Skill University into a model Technical and Vocational and Educational Training(TVET) institution in the Northeast region of India that offers affordable and high-quality skills training for the masses especially for the youth unable to acquire higher education in other way. It will address the below points-

  • Address the gainful employment opportunities
  • “Bridge the Void” between basic training and emerging needs of industry and economy, thereby create a high employability workforce
  • Make vocational training “Aspirational”
  • Extend world class training and facilities to disadvantaged youth
  • Fill the need of a “mother institution” for institutional needs of ITIs, Skill Development Centers, polytechnics such as quality assurance, industry linkages, training of trainers, assessors, international certification, entrepreneurship development and incubation etc.
  • Evolve as a one stop TVET solution for international quality training, assessment, certification, apprenticeship, incubation, entrepreneurship and placement.
  • Support the transition of North East economy from a traditional based one to a skill, knowledge and innovation base.

Earnest Money Deposit

  • Bidders shall submit, along with their bids, EMD for an amount of INR Five Lakhs only (INR 5,00,000 only) in the form of demand draft issued in the name of ‘Assam Skill Development Mission’.
  • The EMD of all unsuccessful bidders would be refunded by ASDM within 30 days from the award of contract to the successful bidder.
  • The EMD, for the amount mentioned above, of successful bidder would be returned upon submission of Performance Guarantee(PG).
  • The EMD amount shall attract no interest whatsoever and will be refundable to the unsuccessful bidders without any accrued interest on it.
  • The bid / proposal submitted without EMD, mentioned above, will be summarily rejected.

Procurement and Cost RFP Document

  • Interested Bidders may obtain complete set of RFP documents online at - https://assamtenders.gov.in
  • A non-refundable RFP Document Fee or Bid Fee of INR10,000/- (INR Ten Thousand only) shall be applicable. This fee shall be in form of demand draft in favour of Assam Skill Development Mission payable in Guwahati and shall be submitted along with the proposal.

The detailed bid document can be downloaded from www.assamtenders.gov.in.

Deadline: 01-07-2020 up to 17.00 hrs.

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