RFP - Study on Estimation of GHG Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration from ITC MSK’s NRM Initiatives

RFP - Study on Estimation of GHG Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration from ITC MSK’s NRM Initiatives

Organization: ITC Limited

Apply By: 09 Mar 2021

Request for Proposal for Study on Estimation of GHG Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration from ITC MSK’s NRM Initiatives



ITC’s Mission Sunehra Kal (MSK) primarily aims at strengthening the livelihoods of its stakeholder communities and preparing them for a better future. Apart from catering to the needs of the communities, MSK programmes also contribute to SDG goals, the Nation’s priority areas in development and ITC’s sustainability commitments. The major initiatives aimed at strengthening the livelihoods include Natural Resources Management, Climate Smart Agriculture, Social Forestry and Livestock Development. Natural resources management aims at enriching water, soil & soil health and biodiversity These initiatives, while strengthening agriculture and allied sectors, aim at promoting Decarbonisation pathways in Agriculture based on Natural climate solutions (NCS)— conservation, restoration, and land-management actions that increase carbon storage and/or avoid greenhouse-gas emissions. The initiatives offer a way to address climate change crisis by increasing farmers’ resilience to the climate change. The primary purpose of this study is to estimate reduction in GHG emissions and addition to carbon sequestration achieved through various Natural Resources Management and Climate Smart Agriculture related interventions driven by ITC MSK.


Objectives of the study

  • To develop a methodology for estimation of carbon savings and sequestration based on the methodologies suggested by UNFCC, IPCC, GHG protocol and Gold Standard.
  • To estimate GHG (Carbon equivalent) savings and carbon sequestration for each activity in each state. 

Scope of Work

This study will estimate GHG emission reduction and carbon sequestration achieved through its initiatives as compared to baseline/conventional scenarios through ongoing concurrent studies. The specific activities that are planned to be covered under the study are as follows 

  • Conservation Agriculture – Zero tillage method of sowing in wheat, Direct Seeding of Rice, and Broad Bed furrow method of soya bean cultivation;
  • Biomass and biodiversity conservation through commons restoration;
  • Soil Amendments through addition of organic matter to soil – tank silt and compost application to soil; and
  • Water Resources Augmentation and efficiency improvement - water harvesting, watershed treatment and micro irrigation (Drip).

For all of the listed initiatives, following estimates need to be calculated as applicable: 

  • GHG (CO2 equivalent) emission reduction because of resource-use efficiency;
  • Carbon sequestration in soil; and
  • Carbon sequestration in biomass. 

Requirements from the agency

  • The agency should have at least 5 years of expertise in undertaking similar assignments and have prior experience in NRM studies of similar nature as well as in carrying out documentation & research, and data collection, collation, compilation and analysis.
  • The agency should deploy a team having experience and expertise in carrying out assignments of similar nature with a team leader having strong Natural Resource Management experience.
  • The agency will be required to share emerging data and trends based on field data with ITC from time to time.
  • The agency will be required to submit draft report and final reports with all raw data backups and analysed data tables in excel spreadsheets, along with pictures to ITC.
  • Expected Deliverables
  • Inception report to be shared within 15 days from the date of signing the contract in consultation with ITC.
  • Field data files to be submitted in excel files along with all output tables.
  • Draft report to be shared covering all scopes. Report to be finalized after incorporating changes suggested by ITC.
  • The final study report will be submitted in 2 hard copies (A4 Size preferably with bond paper and coloured prints) and soft copy in form of CDs/pen drives. All field data back-up to be submitted along with analytical tables.
  • The agency to deliver a final presentation to ITC explaining the findings, recommendations and way forward based on the study.
  • The data and information collected during the study, including photographs, will be the property of ITC Limited and the agency shall not use it in any form without the written permission from a competent authority in ITC. 

Contact Details

For submission of RFP or any further queries all correspondence may be directed to: itcmsk@itc.in


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