RFP - to empanel CHA’s for CIMMYT India

RFP - to empanel CHA’s for CIMMYT India

Organization: CIMMYT

Apply By: 28 Jan 2022

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About the Organization

The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, known by its Spanish acronym, CIMMYT, is an international, non-profit research and training organization. It is one of the research centers of Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). CIMMYT in India has a regional office at New Delhi and many project offices throughout in India and we are inviting proposals from reputed CHAs for customs clearance of our international shipments.

About the Proposal

Interested Firms are requested to submit proposals in format given below for New Delhi and other Ports of Arrival of Shipment:


Per Shipment in New Delhi

Per Shipment in Mumbai/Chennai/Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Ahmedabad/ Any other Port in India

Agency Charges



 Examination Charges






Handling Charges



Transportation charges for Delhi



Airport authority terminal charges



Custom Duty



Outstation Transport Charges



Any other charges




Note: Shipments can arrive from air/sea/ surface transport mode, as the case may be.

All charges including any Customs Duty Payments, Demurrages, DO Charges, Airport Handling Charges, Misc. Charges, Transportation Charges etc. will be paid by the CHA in advance at the time of shipment arrival/ clearance and subsequently CIMMYT will pay to the vendor upon submission of final tax invoice with all supporting documents like Challans, receipts etc. Please note that CIMMYT India will not pay anything in advance to the CHA. For Custom Duty payment, CIMMYT- INDIA will reimburse on cost-to-cost basis only. No mark-up will be added by CHA at the time of invoicing. Any additional charge (s) to be incurred during clearance of the shipment needs to be communicated to CIMMYT India in advance and only after prior approval, the same will be paid to the CHA.

How to Apply

  • Signed & stamped proposal on co. letterhead should be submitted through email at cimmyt-bisa.procurement@cgiar.org
  • Any applicable taxes should be mentioned extra
  • Proposal validity:  Agreement will be entered into for 2 years so cost should be quoted so that the same is valid for a period of 2 years   
  • Payment Terms: After clearance of shipment and submission of tax invoice alongwith supporting documents
  • Company should have valid CHA license from Govt. of India. (copy to be enclosed with RFP)
  • Address Proof of Company having their own office in New Delhi should be enclosed. Presence in other major cities will be preferred.
  • Company should have minimum 5 years work experience in custom clearance domain in India; experience and client list to be submitted
  • Copy of PAN, GSTIN, cancelled cheque to be enclosed alongwith RFP
  • CIMMYT reserves the right to select/ reject the proposals or cancel this RFP at any point of time without any liability whatsoever.


Last date of submission of RFP is Jan 28, 2022.





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