RFP-Communication Needs Assessment Development of National BCC Strategy & BCC materials for Rice Fortification program

RFP-Communication Needs Assessment Development of National BCC Strategy & BCC materials for Rice Fortification program

Organization: Nutrition International

Apply By: 04 Aug 2021

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RFP - Communication Needs Assessment Development of National Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Strategy and BCC materials for Rice Fortification program in India

About the Organization:

Nutrition International, formerly the Micronutrient Initiative (MI), is an international not for profit agency based in Canada that works to eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries. Micronutrient deficiency is a form of malnutrition and is a recognized health problem in many developing countries.

Background and rationale:

Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) is a significant problem among women and children in India. According to the National Family Health Survey – 4 (2015-16), around 58.6% of children (aged 6 to 59 months) and 53.1% of women (age 15-49 years) are anaemic (<12.0 g/dl), which reflects the severity of the problem in the country.

NI plans to hire the services of an expert agency for conducting communication needs assessment virtually, developing relevant, culturally appropriate and effective National Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) strategy and BCC materials for positioning fortified rice as an effective and sustainable strategy to address iron deficiency anaemia. This will be the National BCC strategy for fortified rice, and FFRC can also use these materials to share with other states for larger benefits and circulations.

Overall objective:

The overall objective of the BCI component of the project is to get the relevant information on knowledge, behaviours, practices, and services that will inform the design of a context-specific and gender-sensitive effective BCC strategy development and design of the BCC materials.

Specific behaviour change objectives:

  • Position fortified rice as the preferred commodity of eligible families of TPDS and other social safety net programs.
  • Stimulate increased and sustained demand for fortified rice through optimal utilization of available channels and resources.
  • The target audience is aware of the availability of fortified rice in social safety net programs and the benefits of fortified rice, which translates into action by consuming fortified rice in their daily diet.
  • Remove myths and misconceptions w.r.t. fortified rice and establishes the best practices of washing and cooking fortified rice to get its maximum benefits.

Target Audience:

The strategy and BCC Materials will be targeted towards the following audience:

Primary Target audience

  • Targeted eligible families of PDS scheme (especially women of household)
  • Caregivers of ICDS and MDM beneficiaries

Secondary Target audience

  • Fair Price Shop Owners
  • Anganwadi Workers (AWW) of the ICDS department
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) who are responsible for providing mid-day-meal in AWCs and schools
  • State and District Government Officials

Scope of Work:

The selected agency will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Briefing meeting with NI Team
  • Conduct desk review
  • Define the research questions
  • Develop the communication needs assessment tools for the virtual consultations
  • Communication needs assessment


The agency needs to submit the following deliverables:

  • The detailed plan and tools for virtual communication need assessment.
  • Report of desk review.
  • Report of communication needs assessment.
  • Final BCC Strategy.
  • Pre-testing report.
  • Stakeholders’ consultation program report.
  • Dissemination program report and Presentation.
  • A four-page designed brief on BCC strategy for external circulation in softcopy with ready to print version.
  • An implementation plan with guidance note and costing plan for the Government of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.
  • Final prototypes of print BCC materials in soft copy (high-resolution open files and low resolution pdf and rough footage) in an external hard drive and five sets each in hard copy in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Telugu languages

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