RFP-Development of TLM for Foundational Literacy for Children below 3-6 years in Govt. Anganwadi Centres

RFP-Development of TLM for Foundational Literacy for Children below 3-6 years in Govt. Anganwadi Centres

Organization: Mahita

Apply By: 17 Jan 2021

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TOR for Development of TLM for Foundational Literacy for the Children below 3-6 years in Government Anganwadi Centres

Mahita and Plan India’s Invitation for technical proposal from competent institutions and individuals

About the Organization:

MAHITA is a non-profit social development organization working in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. The organization was established in 1994 to initiate development interventions in the urban slums of Hyderabad. Since then, it has developed expertise in a wide range of development initiatives acquired through 22 years of devoted work and professionalism. The organization is creating opportunities to poor and marginalized with special focus on girls for their development, dignity and respect. Mahita consists of a team of social scientists with substantial experience in gender, education, human rights, livelihood, communication and humanitarian work.


Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is an indispensable foundation for lifelong learning and development, and it has critical impact on success at the primary stage of education. ECCE refers to programmes and provisions for children from prenatal to six years of age, which cater to needs of a child in all domains of development i.e. physical, motor, language, cognitive, socio- emotional, and creative and aesthetic appreciation; and ensure synergy with health and nutrition aspects.

It is in the above context, Mahita and Plan India are inviting technical proposal and budget from competent individuals and/or institutions to develop Teaching Learning Materials for Foundational Literacy for children who are enrolled in the Government Anganwadi Centres. The assignment will have specific focus on developing age appropriate games and stimulation activities to improve language and numeracy skills among children between 3 to 6 years of age from disadvantaged communities and ensure their readiness for schooling. Teaching Learning Material (TLM) for Foundational Literacy for the Children below 3-6 years including; group activities, games, play way method games, etc., The TLM is firmly focused on the needs of the child and should lead to improved child care and developmentally appropriate environment for children, leading to a positive impact on quality of learning and increased attainment of learning outcomes for children participating in Anganwadi Centres.

The TLM will be aligned to the Government’s visions as spelt out in the National Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Policy. The content developed would promote joyful learning experience for children through fun activities. The Module should be age appropriate games and stimulation activities to improve language and numeracy skills among children below 6 years and ensure their readiness for schooling.

 Assignment Objective:

To review the existing content on Foundation Literacy Programs developed by various governments and other institutions and develop a content relevant to current times in the form of a module in Telugu with appropriate tools and activities.

Key Deliverables:

Teaching Learning Material for Foundational Literacy (3-5 years) module is developed in Telugu in a ready for printing format.

Key deadlines for submission of the Proposals

  • Submission of Technical and Financial Proposal: 17th January, 2021
  • Opening the bids: 18th January, 2021
  • Final selection: 20th January, 2021

Selection Procedure:

Project core team in Mahita and Plan India will evaluate the technical proposals on following criteria. Once the organization is shortlisted based on technical proposal, the core team will call three selected organizations and open the financial bids. For technical proposal 75 marks and for financial proposal 25 marks are fixed for evaluation.

Timeline for completion of the assignment:

  • Internal meeting between selected institution/individual consultant, Mahita and Plan India - 23rd h January 2021
  • Submission of 1st draft of the TLM Module for Foundation Literacy - 10th February 2021
  • Review and inputs from Mahita and Plan India - 20th February 2021
  • Submission of revised version of life skills education module - 05th March 2021

Profile of Institution / Consultant:

The prospective institution / individual consultant to possess the below qualification and experience:

  • Demonstrated understanding and experience of developing Early Childhood education modules and proficiency developing foundation literacy programs.
  • Demonstrated proficiency for understanding of the early childhood education and Care.

Budget and Payment:

Considering the limited budget, we are looking for small budget proposals. It is proposed that the interested and competent institutions and/or individual will submit a detailed technical proposal along with budget and payment terms and conditions will be finalised in consultation with the selected institution or individual consultant.

Considering the COVID-19 restrictions the proposals can be send through  electronic mode to; mahitahyd2002@gmail.com

For sending the hard copies:

Ramesh Sekhar Reddy.P

Program Director – Mahita


Street NO.1,


Secunderabad-500 017

Ph: +91-40-27151858


Deadline: 17 Jan, 2021


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