RFP-Hiring a Research Agency for data collection as part of Social Network Analysis Study planned under Digital WEE project

RFP-Hiring a Research Agency for data collection as part of Social Network Analysis Study planned under Digital WEE project

Organization: BBC Media Action (India) Limited

Apply By: 07 May 2021

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RFP for hiring a Research Agency for the data collection as a part of the Social Network Analysis Study planned under the Digital WEE project in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India

About the Organization:

Established in 1998, BBC Media Action is the international charity of the BBC. Working with media and communication to help reduce poverty and support people in understanding their rights, their aim is to inform, connect and inspire people around the world. BBC Media Action reaches some 100 million people across Asia, Africa and the Middle East and Europe, through both legacy and new media platforms - television, radio, print, outdoor, outreach, and of course, digital – both online and mobile. Their projects and programmes save lives, protect livelihoods, counter misinformation, challenge prejudice and build democracy.

Background to the research:

BBC Media Action has received a 3-year research and learning grant to deepen, nuance and pressure test assumptions underpinning the Gates Foundation’s digital strategy for Women’s Economic Empowerment in India and to identify execution pathways to scale and sustainability. This strategy focuses on Women’s Empowerment Collectives (WECs), such as savings and loans groups, farmer producer groups, cooperatives, rights-based groups etc., as a critical platform for advancing Women’s empowerment.

Details of the study:

BBC Media Action is seeking a research partner to implement the following research in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu:

A quantitative study with women at different levels in four WECs in six districts in two states (Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) in two languages (Hindi and Tamil) with the following components:

  • A recruitment survey to introduce the study, take consent and recruit eligible respondents for the detailed quantitative surveys.
  • Two, back-to-back quantitative surveys conducted with the same respondents


The research partner will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • An inception report detailing the methodology and the final implementation plan, which is COVID-19 compliant agreed with BBC Media Action during the procurement phase.
  • The organization of the training (tablets with Qualtrics installed for all enumerators, venues with broadband internet access, flip charts, white boards, accommodation, transport, food, connectivity, translators etc.) for enumerators and research partner staff who need to be trained. BBC Media Action staff will organize its own travel and accommodation.
  • The end-to-end implementation of the pilot in two states, and a full pilot testing report (including – observations of how engaged the respondents were, when they were fatigued etc. where there were issues e.g. particular respondents that had difficulties etc.) with clearly recorded and detailed feedback on the survey instruments in two languages.
  • Access to data collected by enumerators after it has been transmitted each day to the research partner’s servers.
  • Weekly fieldwork updates in the form of power point presentations along with excel sheets of the fieldwork completed.
  • Fully filled consent forms in either digital or hard copy.
  • Research partner to also anonymise the data and keep the personal data of respondents securely with password protected files etc.
  • Complete cleansed dataset and syntax with clearly labelled variables and values, and an accompanying code book.
  • Anonymized version of this data for analysis by BBC Media Action’s Co-investigators.
  • Reports on the analysis of the data captured in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for all three surveys, broken down by state and by survey.

BBC Media Action responsibilities include to:

  • Provide sub licenses for Qulatrics for the enumerators to use.
  • Provide translated questionnaires for all three surveys in English, Hindi and Tamil.
  • Provide access to contact data for WEC group leaders in MP and Tamil Nadu.
  • Provide access to field venues for main surveys in consultation with WEC partners
  • Provide face-to-face training in social network interview technique, and in the overall scope of the research, key terms, ethical guidelines and safeguarding policy.
  • Provide remote training to the research partner’s data scientist in how to analyse social network interview data.
  • Discuss and agree on guidelines for top line reporting.

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